Saturday, 27 April 2013


All the people involved in the One People (formerly OPPT) are very transparent as. All Absolute Data is released as soon as possible. 
 There might be some people that try to say all kinds of things about it, like it is a CULT, Illuminati etc. Some of these are not informed as it can be plainly seen in the way they try to pick it apart without full knowledge of what the trustees have done. They try to put doubt in peoples MINDS (where the programing is) But they can't fool the eternal heart!

 I will tell you what resonates with me! Right from the very first conversation Between Brian & Heather, I knew that this was it! I FELT IT IN MY HEART. Ever follow your intuition (Higher self! Source self) Your eternal heart is telling you this is it!! I have followed it from the start, listened to all the shows & even went back & listened to them again as there are always little things we miss.

Anyway here is just a little more of the transparency that Heather gave us this morning:

[9:30:35 AM] Jarrafusa: convo from today that illuminated and so it happened...sharing here...then back to DO'ing DO'ing DO'ing...I guess I am not that great of a multi-tasker...skyping, DO'ing, and family obligations amongst other tasks... (chuckle)(heart):

Peter in Melbourne:  Hey how is is life ?....All good here. I have a silly question. What if you created your one currency that we could use and call it The One people currency. The numbers of people will grow. We good have our own paypal and our own visa type. We back it by silver. ....thats my little though.... anyway back helping others. xox :<3 ) ps we will get winter soon its not to cold in melbourne take care

Jarrafusa: We are getting ready to launch NOW. ;)(heart)  We have been working on it and the delivery/transfer bridge technology for the I/UV systems.
[3:17:33 AM] Jarrafusa: :* Absolute gratitude to you Linda and all eternal essence embodiments that are BE'ing and DO' inspire me and give me energy to imagine absent limits and DO what I imagine. (bow) I return in kind! (heart)
[3:23:56 AM] Linda : wow thank YOU so much with love and gratitude Heather We Love you dearly (heart) Thank you for that update... can I share this now with anyone or wait til the launch ?
[3:24:02 AM] Linda : :* :)
[3:24:37 AM] Jarrafusa: you can share...all ways transparent. (heart)
[3:25:08 AM | Edited 3:25:22 AM] Linda : You have inspired us all Heather...  it has made me feel so happy inside and I am giddy with it... even my husband and I on our electric bikes felt like in love again.... :* :* Thank you  eternally
[3:26:04 AM] Linda : Thanks for all YOU BE and DO and look forward to that share now yee ha... time to end the suffering!!!! Bring it on (heart) (flex)
[3:27:44 AM] Jarrafusa: Yes...we BRING it together!  I am sooooooo excited!!!!  Perhaps you have more data as to why I seem to BE so quiet of late...DO'ing DO'ing DO'ing DO'ing DO' return in kind...the IMPOWER you all gave to me...I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (inlove):*
[3:28:35 AM] Linda : Love you too Heather ... it is sooooo wonderful, tears roll down my cheeks with the emotion :* (inlove) not enough emoticons to satisfy lol (rofl)
[3:29:29 AM] Linda : Gotta go share :* lol

                                       So the way I see it LOVE has won! IT IS DONE!!