Friday, 18 April 2014


We know now that everyone that came here to experience all that is, laid out their life plan. It matters not if it is someone suffering from starvation or what it might be. We must not judge or try to change each other as they are following their life plan. Once we know this then we understand there are no victims. Not saying that we should not help each other if we can, as there is nothing more rewarding than paying it forward in anyway we can.  

 Everything external is a distraction to keep you from remembering who you really are. We are all magnificent creators. All our lives we have been creating the reality around us (without knowing it). If we were stuck in negativity or fear then our lives were not what we really wanted but we didn't know at that time that we were creating it ourselves.

 One thing that came to mind was what if there was an end date to these positive vibrational frequencies & some beings knew this. So they throw all these external distractions at us knowing that most of us would follow these distractions because we are only human and maybe they could save the crumbling matrix.  But we are not only human!! We are all aspects of the creator & are EQUAL to the Creator! Powerful beings of LOVING LIGHT.

The English word "human"  explains two facets which are characteristic of humanity.
" Hu" meaning God. and "man" meaning mind, which comes from the Sanskrit " manna" being the ordinary person.
The two words united represent the idea of the God conscious person.
In other words , Hu , God is in all things and beings.
But it is man by whom he is known,
"Human" May therefore be said to mean God-conscious , God-realized, or God-man.

Hazrat Inayatkhan

 Once we trust and let go (surrender) then the Universe will conspire to help bring about everything as it is meant to be. Can you imagine coming down to your natural weight without dieting or even thinking about it? Can you imagine living in abundance? By this I don't mean being monetarily rich but there would be no lack. I can say that this is true as I have experienced it. I don't view everything as corrupt or all messed up or I will create more of the same. When we have gratitude for what we have no matter if it is not much, more will come our way.   

 Nothing is ever going to fix this control matrix!! It just has to dissolve! Any demonstrations, petitions etc. just keeps the system going. 

 Once we change our perception within then the external will change along with us and the illusion of the control matrix dissolves too!

 There must be millions of enlightened beings now and if we could all connect and do a global meditation we could create peace in the blink of an eye!!

 I LOVE Gandhi's quote " Be the change you want to see"  

Another quote that I LOVE from our beautiful Sister Sophia Love " We are the ones we are waiting for"

 Are we ready to C0-IMAGINEER our ONEderful new FREEality?


I F L A Y B B O L L 


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