Sunday, 27 March 2016

From the perspective of ONE

From the perspective of ONE

I see many people that been on the path of consciousness as long or longer than me that keep paying energy into the distractions and I'm not posting this to try to change anyone as it is only my perspective or perception.

 In the beginning all there was Source (which I see as a intelligent energy field (consciousness) that is in all that is) Source being in a space where everything is Love, Bliss and Joy, wanted to experience negative emotion as well. So Source created a VIRTUAL 3D reality to play out a duality of Light and Dark . Source then  split itself into a very large group of Loving souls. Then came the time for each to choose their roles in the big play of duality. As all we beautiful Loving souls, no one really wanted to play the dark side. After a period of time a group told the rest that they would play the dark side on one condition. The others asked what the condition was. When the play of duality is over you will have to tell us you Love us so we can remember who we are and come back to the Light. (This is where we are today).
 So at the beginning of the play of duality all the souls chose their parents and laid out their life plan for the experiences they chose to experience for Source, they also chose to live out the life plan unconsciously but the soul or intuition would know the plan and guide them through it.

 Some very beautiful souls have chosen some pretty rough life lessons and if we can understand it from this perspective then there is no reason to judge as all are a fragment of Source and mirror each other. What we see in others is within us too.

 This VIRTUAL 3D reality is fuelled by negative emotion which is energy. If we forgive and tell the dark ones we Love them, we not only take our power back but the VIRTUAL 3D reality will dissolve. It is going to happen no matter what as we are moving into a very positive energy in space but the more Loving we are to all that is, the quicker it will come about.

 EVERYTHING EXTERNAL IS A DISTRACTION as it is part of the illusion that only exists because we pay energy into it.


 A fractal of the ONE

Monday, 16 June 2014

Are you tired of waiting for change?

Watch these two videos about our holographic universe!

So are you still paying attention to all the distractions? Do you think that we need a bridge? Nothing like this will ever happen. I have said it a few times before and keep repeating it. 

 The way things are going it will be another few years for us to dissolve the matrix and create heaven on earth. Actually we won't have to create it as when the matrix dissolves Gaia will return to pristine. 
 One of the reasons I have been a little quieter as of late is that I have been doing a little contemplating. Been thinking of leaving this holographic body behind as I know I will be of more use in the Etheric Realm. After all when the matrix dissolves and all our projected 3D reality disappears, we won't have our physical bodies anyway. Just thinking out loud here!

                                                     I F L A Y B B O L L 

Thursday, 12 June 2014


So we hear that we live in a holographic universe. What does this mean? We always hear everything you need is within you. We hear the Universe is within you. You are the Universe. 

 Our eyes are not receivers, they are projectors. What does this mean? It means that our reality is created and projected from within us. The reason we all see the same things or similar things is we have the same programming in our subconscious.  We also hear that everything we see is an illusion and although this is a little tough to fathom, it is true. Science has always told us that all matter is made up of vibrating atoms and the faster these atoms vibrate, the more solid the matter is (or appears to be ). This is why an illusionist can make it so we can not see certain things as the illusionist is interrupting the matrix or programming within our subconscious. 

 I know some will say " I don't believe it as everything looks so real". It's hard to believe that these houses, cars, planes, cement high rises etc can be a figment of our imagination. But in reality none of it is real. 

 This is why if you see a chem trail in the sky and you wave your arm like erasing a chalkboard, it will disappear. It was an illusion that you created to start with through the programming in the sub conscious. 

 If you see our world as all messed up, are you creating this? It is your reality and you and only you  have the power to change it.

 Thoughts are energy and energy creates. So if we pay attention to all the external extractions, are we creating more of the same.  If we tell them we are not going to take it any more. Do we think it will change things? No it won't! Don't forget who designed the matrix programming in our sun conscious! Is there an easy way out? I am sure there is but it's sure not by paying attention to anything external. Change comes from within! When we change from within, then we project the reality we want to create. IT IS ALL A MATTER OF PERCEPTION!

 MAYBE it's time to change the glasses and see with REAL EYES!


                                                        I F L A Y B B O L L            

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Interpretation of a dream from a different perspective

First I would like to say that I really LOVED this show!! Michelle & Carol did an excellent job!! And I would explain my perspective of our 3D illusion.
What is this matrix? It is a program in each one of our sub conscious so that we all see the same thing. Everything we see is an illusion that we project. Our eyes are not receivers but are projectors.  We know from science that all matter is not solid as it is made up of atoms that vibrate. The more solid something seems, the faster the atoms are vibrating.  This is why an illusionist or hypnotist can make it so you can't see something as he / she is interrupting the matrix.
 The terms "everything is within" Change comes from within" is because everything is inside of us, even the universe. EVERYTHING!!

 The change that will eventually come is will be like waking up from a dream and all of this illusion will be gone. This means houses, cars, high rises, highways EVERYTHING will disappear. Mother Earth will return to pristine. This is why we have so many distractions, to keep us from Co-imagineering our ONEderful new FREEality. 

 So now I will attempt  to explain my interpretation of this dream.
 I think maybe just maybe Robert is telling Michelle that since he transitioned to the other side that he sees now with REAL EYES and that he was going in the wrong direction. All distractions come from the controllers to keep us from creating our new reality. We can not fix the old one as it is a programmed matrix and it simply has to crumble. When Carol mentions that she believes the baby crying signifies rebirth, she is right as we have to have rebirth not try to fix the old. Maybe Michelle could ask Robert questions and he will answer her in her dreams to get more clarification.

Not saying I AM right! Just keeping an open mind!


Friday, 2 May 2014


So I sent a question to Heather asking if we could access our value through Project 13 oe with the documents. Here is her the question & her answer:

[30/04/2014 10:17:49 PM] I AM CHEEKIE Pete: Hi my busy Si (*).... Don't care to bug you but a few people that aren't contacts with you, asked me to ask you if they / we will be able to access our value with project 13 or with documents. (heart)(hug):*

 10:22:11 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ....and the answer is visible by the mirror of their own question....state of conscious

State of conscious is the greatest tool of all.
[10:21:44 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (heart)
HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: They already have the value.....they BE I AM...state of conscious exercised (what state of conscious they are) is noticed by DO'ing
[10:26:54 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: what can I AM not do??????!!????? ;)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

We are not alone!! The veil is lifting!!

One of our very dear little sister's Rocsi has been taking some amazing pictures. These pictures show us many things like the energies, orbs and just today captured 6 photos of a being. None of her pictures have been enhanced in any way & she just uses her cell phone to take them.

 She told me that she has been wanting to go out into nature to capture some nice pictures. She just happened to reach over a plant and take a few shots from outside her window.

                                                         These are the first 2 pictures:

So when we look at the next 6 pictures, there is no denying that we are not alone and there is no death. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.


Friday, 25 April 2014

A Revolution is Launched in Maastricht, Holland

Although there are parts of this that do not resonate with me, I am re-blogging it anyway And everyone can pick what resonates with them.

Breaking News Report: April 25, 2014
The Birth of a New Era: The End of Papal Authority and Corporatism, and the Rise of a new Common Law Covenant
 A Revolution is Launched in Maastricht, Holland

Rev. Kevin Annett

An ITCCS Exclusive Report – Friday, April 25, 2014 (2 pm GMT)
Issued through the Common Law News Service (CNS)
Maastricht and Rome:
Last Easter Sunday, in an action akin to Martin Luther's posting of his Ninety Five Theses, a lone figure placed a Proclamation on the door of the oldest catholic church outside of Italy, and announced the end of an era and the birth of another.(
Like Luther, Kevin Annett is a renegade clergyman who is caught in a life and death struggle with the oldest corporation on our planet: the church of Rome. But unlike the defrocked monk, Annett represents a movement aiming to not reform that church, but abolish it entirely because of its “irredeemable criminal nature”.
And that abolition was announced this past Sunday.
The manifesto posted by Kevin Annett on the door of St. Martin's catholic church is called the Maastricht Proclamation, and invokes both international law and the “law of heaven” to declare the legal and spiritual abolition of the Church of Rome. The Proclamation effectively nullifies the authority of the Roman Catholic church under the very laws and legitimacy by which the latter claims to operate. (see, April 20, 2014)
But the repercussions of Reverend Annett's action go far beyond Rome.
Interviewed today in Spain, where he is meeting with eyewitnesses to Vatican crimes, Annett comments,
The modern Vatican is really the creation of Italian Fascism, whose Lateran Treaty in 1929 established the modern corporation called the roman catholic church: a de facto but legally fictitious and criminal body. In turn, that criminal syndicate helped spawn the horrors of the modern corporatist era, starting with Nazi Germany and leading to the present global New World Order. So by legally and spiritually disestablishing the Church of Rome, we are also dismantling that corporatist Order and all of the de facto, tyrannical authorities in the world, whether they be corporations, governments, or private courts.
In other words, the Maastricht Proclamation is really a call to arms to all people to re-establish lawful de jure society across our planet, under the supremacy of the divine law of equality and peace: what we know as the Common Law.”
In effect, what began in Rome on a bleak February day in 1929 ended last Easter Sunday, when the terms by which the Vatican operates as an overt criminal syndicate were lawfully negated under the terms of International Law. So while the church may continue to function as a de facto power, it does so as a rogue criminal body with no authority, and no right to its own property, wealth or laws.
What does this new step mean for the twenty year campaign by Kevin Annett to expose and stop the murder and trafficking of children?
It's a whole new ball game now” says Annett. “This isn't about trying to hold a dying system accountable anymore, but about creating a whole new world through a new Covenant.
Once we put church and state on trial, we really declared war on the entire system. And like Napolean once said, whoever makes a revolution half way is just digging their own grave. So now we need not just our own peace officers to enforce our Common Law court verdicts; we need to mobilize humanity to take back our world and the law from the criminals who are destroying us and our children's future. And to do that, we need to re-contract all our relationships.
So in truth, there are no more lawful authorities anymore, and we owe none of them allegiance. We need to remake such authority from the ground up, from among ourselves. That's why we call it the New Covenant. And that's what we've begun, with the Maastricht Proclamation.”
This new Covenanting movement has two fronts, one legal, the other spiritual. Annett calls these fronts the “two arms of liberation”.
Humanity is sick and dying, from the inside out, because we have forgotten our innate sovereignty and our bond with creation and the Creator. Nobody can mediate or create that bond for another, and justice is an empty shell without the personal capacity to be a just and virtuous man or woman. Benjamin Franklin said that only a virtuous people could be self-governing, for with personal corruption always comes political tyranny. So the new Covenant recognizes itself as both a new law and a new spirit, one supporting and feeding the other.”
In the wake of the Maastricht Proclamation, this re-covenanting movement,The Covenanters, is working actively to establish both common law courts and self-governing communities on the land that have declared their independence from existing authorities. As the seed of a new world, the Covenanters are working now in twenty one countries alongside the International Common Law Court of Justice and its Tribunal sponsor, the ITCCS.
As for Kevin Annett, he is clearly a happy man.
It's been a long night, but it's always good to see the day break”.
See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at www.itccs.organd at, the site for the Common Law court network.

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at:
The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part One) - 1 hr. 46 mins. - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) - 1 hr. 47 mins. - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 mins. 30 secs. - Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses - 10 mins. - Irene Favel, Eyewitness to the incineration of a newborn baby by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian school, Saskatchewan, 1944 - Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada

Kevin Annett is a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013)Messages for him can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada) or 386-323-5774 (USA). His personal website is .

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him."
Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
Elder, Crane Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent and at the websites of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at .

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at:

The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part One) - 1 hr. 46 mins. - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) - 1 hr. 47 mins. - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 mins. 30 secs. - Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses - 10 mins.