Thursday, 12 June 2014


So we hear that we live in a holographic universe. What does this mean? We always hear everything you need is within you. We hear the Universe is within you. You are the Universe. 

 Our eyes are not receivers, they are projectors. What does this mean? It means that our reality is created and projected from within us. The reason we all see the same things or similar things is we have the same programming in our subconscious.  We also hear that everything we see is an illusion and although this is a little tough to fathom, it is true. Science has always told us that all matter is made up of vibrating atoms and the faster these atoms vibrate, the more solid the matter is (or appears to be ). This is why an illusionist can make it so we can not see certain things as the illusionist is interrupting the matrix or programming within our subconscious. 

 I know some will say " I don't believe it as everything looks so real". It's hard to believe that these houses, cars, planes, cement high rises etc can be a figment of our imagination. But in reality none of it is real. 

 This is why if you see a chem trail in the sky and you wave your arm like erasing a chalkboard, it will disappear. It was an illusion that you created to start with through the programming in the sub conscious. 

 If you see our world as all messed up, are you creating this? It is your reality and you and only you  have the power to change it.

 Thoughts are energy and energy creates. So if we pay attention to all the external extractions, are we creating more of the same.  If we tell them we are not going to take it any more. Do we think it will change things? No it won't! Don't forget who designed the matrix programming in our sun conscious! Is there an easy way out? I am sure there is but it's sure not by paying attention to anything external. Change comes from within! When we change from within, then we project the reality we want to create. IT IS ALL A MATTER OF PERCEPTION!

 MAYBE it's time to change the glasses and see with REAL EYES!


                                                        I F L A Y B B O L L            

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