Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Interpretation of a dream from a different perspective

First I would like to say that I really LOVED this show!! Michelle & Carol did an excellent job!! And I would explain my perspective of our 3D illusion.
What is this matrix? It is a program in each one of our sub conscious so that we all see the same thing. Everything we see is an illusion that we project. Our eyes are not receivers but are projectors.  We know from science that all matter is not solid as it is made up of atoms that vibrate. The more solid something seems, the faster the atoms are vibrating.  This is why an illusionist or hypnotist can make it so you can't see something as he / she is interrupting the matrix.
 The terms "everything is within" Change comes from within" is because everything is inside of us, even the universe. EVERYTHING!!

 The change that will eventually come is will be like waking up from a dream and all of this illusion will be gone. This means houses, cars, high rises, highways EVERYTHING will disappear. Mother Earth will return to pristine. This is why we have so many distractions, to keep us from Co-imagineering our ONEderful new FREEality. 

 So now I will attempt  to explain my interpretation of this dream.
 I think maybe just maybe Robert is telling Michelle that since he transitioned to the other side that he sees now with REAL EYES and that he was going in the wrong direction. All distractions come from the controllers to keep us from creating our new reality. We can not fix the old one as it is a programmed matrix and it simply has to crumble. When Carol mentions that she believes the baby crying signifies rebirth, she is right as we have to have rebirth not try to fix the old. Maybe Michelle could ask Robert questions and he will answer her in her dreams to get more clarification.

Not saying I AM right! Just keeping an open mind!


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