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Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: I UV Exchange “All Launch May” ! " MORE TRANSPARENCY"

This was taken from the Skype chat, Heather answering a couple questions!!

 [4:51:48 AM] Jarrafusa: <<< ‎9‎:‎23‎ ‎PM D, Brian, whoever wants to answer......I have to ask something that has been on my mind. Back at the end of March it was said that "replacements of past harvesting tools begin to be implemented next week" and that was a month ago. Can anyone in the 'know' address this?

H:  I/UV lawful and legal structure was implemented that next week...BE'ing and DO'ing ARE the I/UV Exchange Absolute Tech....we just amped it up and Caleb made a bridge NOW technology to assist all to see, know and experience what IS that Absolute Tech....Project XIII is launching as the I/UV tools of combines and changes the functions formerly provided by harvesting tools such as Facebook, UCC, purported Departments of Licensing, purported banks, etc....all in one and operates transparently and universally, not just globally, internationally or nationally....the biggest recalibration tool of I/UV Ixchange IS that each embodiment is solely responsible for their BE'ing, Value and DO'ing...all that they BE, DO, all their value, etc. is controlled solely by their Self on their IPage, transparently for all to know, engage with, and deliver by free will choice....and, yes, their 10 Billion in gold and silver will be in their UV Ixchange account that will BE accessible through their official announcement for the official launch is BE'ing prepared now...all launch May.
[3:14:15 AM] Jarrafusa: The gold and silver are co-partner/operators with every embodiment that respectfully chooses to co-partner/operate with the gold and silver....those who abuse it will find that the gold silver doesn't stick around very long to play with them.

(heart) and to answer your next question that I can already hear...yes, please repost as you choose to.


absolutely true...

<<< Laurel and Hardy bit called "Who's on first" or "who's on first base"...sorry, my father was really into those two along with The Three Stooges, Harlem Globetrotters, and Sha Na stuck.. (chuckle)(heart)[4:30 AM] Jarrafusa:

<<< I think it represents nicely what the PTW are DO'ing with each other

[6:56:45 AM] D breakingthesilence: in a nut shell: the gold and silver and precious metals- they are beings as well, they have DNA and a will of their own.  if you fuck with them, they'll leave.  best security system ever invented to keep people honest

please consider whether being a director of a private Spanish bank until 09/09/12 and having an address on the same street where the Beatles' Apple Corps originally opened, registered with Companies House, ties in with the story its trustees have presented about the background and interests of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. Furthermore, what implications does it have upon her recent confession that she has taken advice from a House of Rothschild trustee? The following details have been recorded by Companies House and were sent to me by email this afternoon by a trusted source, except for the links to Wigmore Street and BANDENIA BANCA PRIVADA PLC, which I have added for the purposes of clarification:

Director Summary
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf has 1 current or previous company director or secretary appointments.
Short name - Heather Tucci-Jarraf
Director ID : 916922015
Year of Birth: 1972
126 Wigmore Street
Ground Floor
United Kingdom
Is this true Heather?
It was on a FB POST!

[4:00:24 AM] Jarrafusa: RE BANDENIA:  honey, I was never a director of that bank....that was an option that the PTW set up to non-transparently deal....we chose to move and DO that option was lovingly rejected.... yes, later I received information that the rothschilds do business out of that purported and that purported bank is in bed with HSBC, general wong, lee, wu and gang, etc...TRANSPARENCY IS SOLUTION.  I cannot control what others DO...they registered me as a director without my consent or signature ALONG with someone from the IMF and World Bank...look at the other appointments they purportedly made...look at the date they purportedly "removed" me as a purported "director"...just around the disclosure December 25, 2012, yes?  We obviously chose to DO things differently, transparently, and with all embodiments equally, yes?
[4:01:15 AM] Jarrafusa: love you nickin...I have DO'ing to DO for the benefit and abundance of all embodiments...what DO you choose to DO, my love? ;)(heart)
Elvira, umanmike and all...great love and my absolute gratitude to you all (bow)....and absolute love eternal (heart)

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ITCCS Update: We the Jury, Rome's Deception, and A Letter to a Traitor‏

Recieved from Kevin Annett of ITCCS
The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
April 28, 2013

In this Update:

- We the Jury broadcasts on May 4
- The Desperate Deception in Rome
- Domestic Terrorism and Treason by Roman Catholic Officials - An  Open Letter to Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley

1. Our upcoming We the Jury blog radio program carries on the Common Law battle with front-line guests from Holland, America and Canada.
Catholic clergy are committing indictable treason by subverting child-protection laws in their own countries because of instructions from Rome. And family courts in Europe and the Americas are systematically trafficking children into the homes of known child rapists - an act of genocide under international law.

How are our newly-formed Common Law courts fighting these evils and pursuing convicted officers of church and state?

Tune in and find out this Saturday, May 4 at 4 pm EST, 9 pm GMT at
2. Commentary - Be Not Deceived
by Kevin Annett

The predictable but ridiculous gestures by the Emperor of Rome, Jorge-Francis, to refashion the image of his Catholic Church into that of a more "humble, just" body makes as much sense as a ravaging strip-mining corporation sponsoring an annual "Eco-Friendly Day".  A smiling figurehead and a facelift don't change the nature of the Beast.
But the crowd is fickle, and wired into its brain is a desperate need to find virtue in the power of its master. So even otherwise sage observers are caught up nowadays in the "Francis Frenzy" vomiting forth from Rome, and good friends of mine have asked me if I am "encouraged" by the new pope's statements.

Well, no. For if the smiling Francis didn't exist, he'd have to be concocted, right now. Pope Frank Bergoglio is as legitimate in his beneficence as a smiling Al Capone was as he posed at Chicago charity photo-ops.

Papal reforms? Not really. One doesn't "reform" the oldest and most iron-clad corporation on the planet.

Predictably, there's no talk at the Vatican these days of stopping its laundering of Mafia money, or abolishing the church laws that protect priestly child rapists. They're still not saying where all those aboriginal kids they slaughtered are buried. Nor are reparations being made to atone for centuries of catholic-sponsored genocide, stolen land and plundered wealth.

This new Pope, who funded and buttressed the military junta of Argentina and thinks that women are not complete human beings, is in truth a poor candidate as a reformer, despite his smooth rhetoric. Jorge Bergoglio is a Jesuit, after all: those masters of deception who by their own fourth vow are to pose as all things to all people in order to "infiltrate, dissimulate and destroy all enemies of Rome".

And yet beneath all the necessary spin-doctoring in the church of Rome these days, a fundamental break-up is unfolding in Roman Catholicism that would have happened even without the obvious crimes of Herr Joseph Ratzinger.

Like an aging Mafia Don, the papacy has made just too many enemies, done too many scams and ordered too many deaths. But even more to the point, the Vatican Incorporated has lost the capacity to manage its own crises.

According to Nicolo Machiavelli, such an incapacity to govern legitimately spells the death knell of any ruler, since retaining the confidence of one's immediate subordinates is key to keeping power. And so it's small wonder that Bishops in Ireland and America are already devising plans to loosen their ties with Rome and may even break off entirely into national churches, according to insiders in Dublin, Boston and New York.

These local Catholic hierarchs are protecting their assets, quite obviously, as the Vatican Bank is sliding under the waves of financial insolvency, and more of the papal rats are swimming from the floundering vessel. And as for the rest of us: well, any good rebel knows that the time to storm the Bastille is when the King has his hands full and his lieutenants are disunited.

Like a tiny match dropped on a properly-soaked building, our recent Common Law Court conviction of the Vatican hierarchy has come just at the right moment. Igniting a flame that is spreading now in more countries, our action directly compelled one pope's resignation and has encouraged Bishops and even Cardinals abroad to rethink their allegiance to Rome.

The following Open Letter is more fuel added to this spreading fire. It was issued today to one of the Cardinals who almost beat Jorge Bergoglio in the papal elections:  Sean O'Malley of Boston, who is part of the "Autonomy" faction in the Vatican Curia and is a member of Bergoglio's so-called "Reform Commission".
Like all Catholic Cardinals, Sean O'Malley is actively subverting the sovereignty and the laws of the United States of America.


3. An Open Letter to a Traitor

Dear Cardinal Sean O'Malley,

I appreciate your time, considering how preoccupied you are politically these days.

Your own Massachusetts state legislature has just passed a new broader statute of limitation law allowing your many child-raping priests to be tried more readily. Following as this law does on the heels of the first-ever conviction and jailing of an American Catholic Bishop, William Lynn, for concealing child trafficking among his priests in Philadelphia, I'm sure you feel the water lapping at your own feet.

You and other members of the Catholic hierarchy are now in more than a quandry, and not only because you are actively subverting the sovereignty and the laws of the United States of America.

You church officials are now caught firmly between the law of the land and of God, and church law. The latter orders you to conceal child rape in your parishes, and to protect the rapist by not telling the police of this crime. If you don't participate in such a criminal conspiracy, you face immediate excommunication.

And that fact alone means that you wouldn't be in your position today if you hadn't aided child rapists.

Of course, that papal law - Crimen Solicitationas - has been around since 1929, and none of you seem to have been that bothered by it up to now - that is, until William Lynn's imprisonment. But now that you, Sean O'Malley, can conceivably go to jail for obeying church law and aiding in the torture and soul-murder of children, it's a pimp of a different color, as they say in Boston's south side.

So I understand why you're part of Frank Bergoglio's "Reform Commission" in Rome, and are trying to tip toe through the present mine field with the right words and gestures. But worse the luck for you, I have to piss on your parade a wee bit, Sean, with some more bad news.

By sending money to the Vatican, and obeying its laws, you, Sean O'Malley, are already an undeniable accessory to a crime against humanity, and to what American lawyers call "an international obstruction of justice": the criminal interference of one government with the laws and internal sovereignty of another.

Of course, the Catholic church is an old hand at subverting and overthrowing other governments; but their Bishops have not until now been jailed for doing so. But now, your oath of office and actions are quite simply helping the Vatican subvert the laws and sovereignty of the United States of America. That makes you an indictable traitor and a terrorist, under domestic laws.

That fact alone means you can be arrested and put on trial at any time - especially now that a Common Law Court verdict on February 25 found your bosses in Rome guilty of these crimes and sentenced them to prison terms and public banishment. (

So Sean, listen up: you're not being asked, but are rather required under the Law of Nations to stop enforcing the church law Crimen Solictationas by immediately identifying and defrocking any clergyman in your Diocese who has harmed or is harming children, or who's aided those who have.

Under Article 25 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, you are also obligated not to fund or subsidize institutions such as the Vatican which has ordered that you collude in this crime.

Ultimately, I know your bottom line, and how concerned you are about all the Citizens Arrests, occupations of Catholic church property, and the commercial liens issued against the wealth of your church and its officers. These same actions are going to commence soon in your own Boston Diocese, led by survivors of priestly torture.

I know you're worried about all this, because recently you commented to a subordinate,

"I'll eat shit publicly before I let any of those bastards occupy our Cathedral"

Well, I'd hate to be the one who reduced a Cardinal of Rome to the status of a coprophiliac, Sean, but life is hard. These matters aren't in my hands anymore, as I'm sure you've known ever since a tornado and lightning struck the Vatican the day after our first public exorcism of your church in Rome in October, 2009.

But you do have a way out, Sean: you, and your fellow Cardinals and others with so much blood and crime on your hands. It's this simple:

You, and your Bishops and priests in the Boston Diocese, must all agree to take a Public Oath of Protection to the community and its children whereby you unconditionally pledge the following, under God:

1. To disregard and publicly repudiate the Catholic canon law known as Crimen Solicitationas, and seek for its immediate repeal by the Vatican, along with any similar canon law statutes;

2. To actively protect children in your Diocese by immediately and without conditions expelling and defrocking any clergy or other employees who have harmed or are harming children, and
3. To refuse to fund or commercially engage with the corporation known as the Vatican or Church of Rome.

Taking such steps will undoubtedly cause your own defrocking, Sean, but as the Book says, You cannot serve God and Mammon. Remember?

There's nowhere for you to hide anymore, Sean: not from civil justice, and certainly not from the sight and judgement of God and your victims. But you must act quickly, so that not another child is destroyed by your church's standing policy of harboring and protecting active child rapists in its ranks.

The reclamation actions of our network will begin in the churches of your Boston Diocese, depending on your response to this letter, or lack of it. The choice is yours. We await your reply.


Kevin D. Annett, Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Issued 28 April, 2013 to the Office of the Boston Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church


See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the websites of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at and .

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at:

The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part One) - 1 hr. 46 mins. - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) - 1 hr. 47 mins. - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 mins. 30 secs. - Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses - 10 mins. - Irene Favel, Eyewitness to the incineration of a newborn baby by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian school, Saskatchewan, 1944 - Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada

Kevin Annett is a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013). Messages for him can be left at  250-591-4573  (Canada) or  386-323-5774  (USA).

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him."
Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
Elder, Crane Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba



All the people involved in the One People (formerly OPPT) are very transparent as. All Absolute Data is released as soon as possible. 
 There might be some people that try to say all kinds of things about it, like it is a CULT, Illuminati etc. Some of these are not informed as it can be plainly seen in the way they try to pick it apart without full knowledge of what the trustees have done. They try to put doubt in peoples MINDS (where the programing is) But they can't fool the eternal heart!

 I will tell you what resonates with me! Right from the very first conversation Between Brian & Heather, I knew that this was it! I FELT IT IN MY HEART. Ever follow your intuition (Higher self! Source self) Your eternal heart is telling you this is it!! I have followed it from the start, listened to all the shows & even went back & listened to them again as there are always little things we miss.

Anyway here is just a little more of the transparency that Heather gave us this morning:

[9:30:35 AM] Jarrafusa: convo from today that illuminated and so it happened...sharing here...then back to DO'ing DO'ing DO'ing...I guess I am not that great of a multi-tasker...skyping, DO'ing, and family obligations amongst other tasks... (chuckle)(heart):

Peter in Melbourne:  Hey how is is life ?....All good here. I have a silly question. What if you created your one currency that we could use and call it The One people currency. The numbers of people will grow. We good have our own paypal and our own visa type. We back it by silver. ....thats my little though.... anyway back helping others. xox :<3 ) ps we will get winter soon its not to cold in melbourne take care

Jarrafusa: We are getting ready to launch NOW. ;)(heart)  We have been working on it and the delivery/transfer bridge technology for the I/UV systems.
[3:17:33 AM] Jarrafusa: :* Absolute gratitude to you Linda and all eternal essence embodiments that are BE'ing and DO' inspire me and give me energy to imagine absent limits and DO what I imagine. (bow) I return in kind! (heart)
[3:23:56 AM] Linda : wow thank YOU so much with love and gratitude Heather We Love you dearly (heart) Thank you for that update... can I share this now with anyone or wait til the launch ?
[3:24:02 AM] Linda : :* :)
[3:24:37 AM] Jarrafusa: you can share...all ways transparent. (heart)
[3:25:08 AM | Edited 3:25:22 AM] Linda : You have inspired us all Heather...  it has made me feel so happy inside and I am giddy with it... even my husband and I on our electric bikes felt like in love again.... :* :* Thank you  eternally
[3:26:04 AM] Linda : Thanks for all YOU BE and DO and look forward to that share now yee ha... time to end the suffering!!!! Bring it on (heart) (flex)
[3:27:44 AM] Jarrafusa: Yes...we BRING it together!  I am sooooooo excited!!!!  Perhaps you have more data as to why I seem to BE so quiet of late...DO'ing DO'ing DO'ing DO'ing DO' return in kind...the IMPOWER you all gave to me...I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (inlove):*
[3:28:35 AM] Linda : Love you too Heather ... it is sooooo wonderful, tears roll down my cheeks with the emotion :* (inlove) not enough emoticons to satisfy lol (rofl)
[3:29:29 AM] Linda : Gotta go share :* lol

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Greater Treasures Than You Can Imagine

Greater Treasures Than You Can Imagine
April 26, 2013
I LOVE this message. Thanks for the pointer Heather <3 ~BK & Thank you Brian K
God said:

When something comes to you, it comes easily. This is what I want to say:

You can struggle and struggle, work very hard, and, yet, when your efforts bear fruit, they arrive easily just the same way as beautiful fruit on the vine fulfills its purpose. One day the fruit is green. Then all of a sudden, the fruit is at its peak of ripeness. Just so, all the forces of nature seem to gather together to give you gifts in life. When success comes, it falls into place. When success comes, it is almost as if you couldn’t stop it if you tried. Have you not received bounties in life before you could say Rumpelstiltskin?

Sometimes, not always, when you desire something deeply, avidly, perhaps even desperately, the fulfillment of your desire may elude you. It is as if your holding on tight prevents you from fulfilling your desire. It may be that you hold on so tightly that your desire cannot catch its breath.

I am not saying that you are to be lackadaisical or that you are wise to care less what comes to you or does not. I believe in desire. I believe in it strongly. What I do not endorse is tightening attachment to your desires, as if they are essential to your well-being. I am saying that letting go, relaxing, and resting in Me can work wonders. I will go so far as to say that sometimes, all you do and all the effort you exert are not what turn the tide. Sometimes, it seems that success comes to you without all that much participation. Sometimes rewards seem to come of themselves. It is like you receive manna from Heaven. You have a windfall. You stand there agog at the good fortune that has visited you.

You certainly feel lucky. And sometimes, from a larger perspective, you may even be lucky not to reap the rewards you may have so desired.

Do not consider Me rude, beloveds, when I tell you that the case is that you know little or nothing! Life reveals a lot to you, and you learn considerably, and, still, what do you know? What can you foretell?

And yet you can foretell that great good fortune is on its way to you. You don’t have to make yourself a hard taskmaster. It makes more sense to thank than to demand. It makes more sense to be agreeable to life as it presents itself to you than to object. If life is the King, you are the gracious servant. Despite what you may think, life is patient. Life is patient with you. You are the one who is impatient with life. You would like to call the tunes that life is to dance to whereas you are to follow life’s biddings, not the other way around.

When life tells you to go here or there, even when you can’t possibly understand why, graciously go here or there as life indicates. You may not see how or why, beloveds, yet life is holding a blessing for you, many blessings for you. The blessings may come under the umbrella of challenges. Challenges are like the salt of the ocean. The salt of the ocean holds lots more gifts than you could have ever imagined. Beloveds, even death that you look amiss at holds greater blessings than you can see from your vantage on Earth. Everything in life holds greater treasures than you can imagine. Imagine the greatest blessings you can think of, and you haven’t thought of enough.

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We have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for everything!! They use all kinds of things to distract us away from this!! They knew that once our DNA was reattached & activated that we would remember who we BE! They knew that once this was done that the control matrix would disolve so they throw everything they can at us to distract us from seeing the value is within!!
 Go within & take back your power & just BE! (FREE)

 We are all creators & by focusing our energy on our BEautiful new reality!! We will co-imagineer our new FREEALITY!!

  If you knew that stepping forward and making a simple declaration that you are free / want freedom... would set in motion 3D events you could see all could see ... That your declaration
of Freedom would clearly send the message "we are the ones" and we know it and are now saying we "are all in"

Would You Do It?

Be the change you want to see as once we change inside,  everything outside changes too!!

 The One People have won!! Dont pay attentions to all distractions & just BE. They dont want you to know you are the gold & they want you to look outside for value! It is all within! Major things are happening right NOW!! You might to see them but you sure as heck can feel them!! Just BE & let it all roll out! LOVE ALWAYS WINS!! IT IS DONE!

 people need to look at this concept of them standing up stepping forward even if it is just as simple as I Pete Lysohirka of Saskatoon, Canada step all in to my Decloration of Freedom... that's the gist.

and then people see hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then tens of thousands and so on of ONE PEOPLE standing "All In" doing the very same simple thing all names scrolling by on the website organized by country etc and .... The Measurable Energy from that, plus those who sign the Oath and Bond... will bring in the Finale in ways you can Feel, See, Sense...

 As I'm Eternal Essence Embodied known as Pete Lysohirka I hereby declare my freedom to BE here and NOW, knowingly, willingly, intentionally and lovingly. I've come here by free will choice to BE, and so it's DONE I'M FREE!

Oath and Bond
Lovingly, knowingly, willingly, and intentionally made as a matter of Absolute Record, as follows:
The Creator is ALL that IS, eternal essence, ABSOLUTE.1
EARTH, GAIA, IS eternal essence embodied, without limits.
ALL PEOPLE of EARTH are ONE and ARE eternal essence embodied, without limits.
I, Pete Lysohirka
of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
AM eternal essence embodied, without limits,
By my free will choice, acting in full responsibility, liability and transparency, my value protected, insured
and guaranteed through the Universal Value Exchange 4, I voluntarily BOND my BE’ing by Oath;
That I BE;
That I DO;
Uphold the Universal Law of the Creator that ALL actions are permissible, without limits,
except abrogation of free will choice of another embodiment of eternal essence.
Establish, maintain, serve and protect ABSOLUTE and ETERNAL PEACE ON EARTH,
the right of free will choice, the equity and the abundance of the One People
through the Universal Value Exchange , CVAC SYSTEMS of ASSISTANCE5, by assisting
the Protectors of the One People in the execution of Military Order UCC 20120960746, and
as expressed by the CONSENSUS WILL of the ONE PEOPLE, in future moments of NOW.
That I AM;
Serving, with and by my BE’ing eternal essence without limits,
DO’ing always for the greater good of the ONE PEOPLE and the EARTH.
Serving in THIS and ALL moments of NOW, henceforth for ninety days, provisionally renewed three
times or by alternate mutual agreement with the STEWARD of CVAC SYSTEMS of ASSISTANCE.
Thumbprint Day Month Year
1 The Creator defined as eternal essence in UCC 2013032035, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full.
2 The One People as defined in UCC 2012079290, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full.
3 Earth Secured UCC 2012094309, Co-Custodian 2012096047, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full.
4 Notice of Universal Value Exchange, Heather Ann Tucci, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full.
5 Declaration & Order of Constitution of CVAC Government UCC 2012128324, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full.
6 Military Order UCC 2012096074, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Don't forget about the cosmos  call today and tomorrow but I may have to wait for the recordings
Julien will be taking questions & communicating our questions to our family out there!
They will answer our questions & might even pose some questions to us as well.!!
The call last week was very exciting & I know this one will be as well.
Everyone is welcome to join in! The more the merrier as we want to show then that we are just as eager as they are to reunite

This weekends session with Julien:
3pm Sunday 21st April Australian eastern standard time
10pm Saturday 20th Pacific Standard Time  (Julien)

2 hours only

Please go to
freeconferencing.8053991000  access code 462940#

Dial freeconferencing.8053991000 on the main skype phone pad.
When it connects then copy and paste or type 462940# into the ancilliary pad.

On the PC this pad is under the "+" key that appear between the  hangup
button and the mute button. You can also copy and paste the access code into it

You can also add    freeconferencing.8053991000 to your contacts in skype then once it's added & called
On the PC this pad is under the "+" key that appear between the  hangup
button and the mute button. You can also copy and paste the access
462940# code into it


Let me start out by telling you that I LOVE YOU & that you might find some of this a little different than what you expect to read, The main thing is to read the whole thing to get the big picture! If you read it & it resonates with you then you will have the power to change you life in a very beautiful way! It is up to you!

 We have been programed deep in our sub conciousness by  a lot of different things without our knowing. We have been led to believe that we are a lot less than we areThe fact is that we are VERY POWERFUL & this has been hidden on us. Believe it or not we are all responsible for everything in our own reality!! We have been led to believe that we are victims & we think nobody cares,  that we need something or someone else to make us happy. Only we can make us happy, nobody else. We can be happy with others but they can't make us happy!! 

 Is it time to take your power back? Only you can decide when it is time as we all have free will!! It is all within you!!!

 The very fist thing you have to understand is to let go of the EGO (edge God out) The ego is that thing that we call our mind that never stops & if we let it, it will drive us bonkers or deppress us! Once you realize this you will see the power you have & all you have to do is learn how to control your mind instead of it controling you!
 Let go of anything & everything that does not serve you! Let go of the past as you won't be going there anymore plus you can't change it now. Don't worry about tommorrow as it is not here now! LIVE IN THE NOW! In this moment!
 Don't let anyone control you by things they might say as when someone points a finger at others, they have 3 pointing back at them! We were all created in the image of the Creator as ONE! We all mirror each other so what one sees in the other sees that in themselves.

 We have to let go of all negative (fear based) emotions! Eg,   hate, jealousy, anger, guilt etc..
 Learn to forgive yourself & everyone else as we only hurt ourselves by not forgiving. Does not mean you have to go up to them & forgive them. Forgive yourself for allowing this experience to happen to you as we are all responsible for everything in our own reality. Might sound strange but is very true!! By letting someone make you angry for what ever reason, YOU ARE GIVING THEM YOUR POWER. You don't hurt them by your anger, you only hurt yourself!

Everything that has ever happened to us is a life experience whether it is good or bad, just a life experience. At the time it happens we might not know the reason but everything also happens for a reason! There is no such thing as coincidence or accident. All our life experiences make us who we are, the crappy things make us stronger etc.. The main thing to also remember is to always give thanks for everything, good or bad as it is all just life experiences to make us the amazing beings that we become.

 One other big one is to LOVE yourself because you can not truly LOVE anyone else until you LOVE yourself!! The way you do this is go into the bathroom & close the door!! LOOK YOURSELF STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND TELL YOURSELF * I LOVE YOU *
 I have done this & at first it might be hard to do but once you do you will change. I know when I first started doing it, I actually cried when I did this as it is all part of the healing.

 So it is all up to you, nobody else can do it for you. Up to ourselves to stop playing the part of the victim & take out POWER BACK!!!

 I hope this has helped you even a little bit but I know if this rings a bell it will help you in a BIG way!

 Just a reminder too about our evolution !! This TSUNAMI OF LOVING energy is really hitting us hard right now & will not decrease! It will only get stronger!! If you are feeling down and don't pick yourself up, then you could keep spiraling down. Best thing to do is WAX your board ride the wave of LOVE!! Allow it to make you feel the BLISS!! This is where I AM going & I want to take you all with me!! 
I LOVE YOU & It's Time to shine your Light on the darkness!!!




I was just browsing around a couple group pages & noticed that a few people that are STILL waiting for the revalue are calling OPPT cult like!! refering to Heather as equivilent to Jimmie Jones. LAUGH MY FN ASS OFF!!!

What they don't seem to wake up to is that this revalue is either not going to happen or if it does, all it is going to do is finish crashing the financial system. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO BACK THEIR CURRENCY!!
 The vatican is trying to fool everyone by making it look like they can clean up religion. Reiligion is one of the CONTROL mechanisms & HAS TO GO!! NOT FIXED AS RELIGION MUST BE ABOLISHED TOTALLY!!!!

 They know nothing about who is feeding them all the lies but they keep waiting & waiting.
 I'm not going to mention any names but accusations were made that death threats were made & someone was fed poison. (CROCK OF SH*T). If someone has control of a large fund for humanity, why would they have to try to discredit someone else by spreading lies!! All this is doing is exposing the person or persons making the accusations because when you point a finger at someone there are 3 pointing back at the one doing the pointing!! Everyone knows too that the one that is pointing fingers might have had control of these funds at one time but lost control of them because of corruption (people believe this guy tells the truth)

 What happened to all the arrests that have been going on for the last couple years???
 Everything that is supposedly happening in regards to this revalue is done in secret & people are still so guilable that they believe it (Still trying to understand things with the EGO (conditioned mind).
 The One Peoples Public Trust has been transparent all the way through this so far & continue to do so!! All Provost Marshals are being contacted NOW through the UN as ALL military world wide is controled by them. 

 One Peoples Public Trust had 3 Trustees not just Heather!! None of them are leaders, just 3 BEautiful BEings that have done so much to free humanity & Gaia. Including having their lives threatened  but they would not kneel or give into FEAR!! The crooks even tried to bribe them to no avail!!!
 Hard to believe that some would chose continued slavery over total freedom, but I guess thats what the EGO does! They don't want to believe that they could have been duped into a scam.

 I LOVE EVERYONE & would like nothing better than to see this revalue happen but not at the cost of our freedom!! 



Randall Hillner - OPPT Trustee w' Lisa Harrison

Caleb Skinner- OPPT Trustee with Lisa Harrison

Tabernac! Not another Turdo! Reflections on Canada's Latest Limousine Liberal

Tabernac! Not another Turdo! Reflections on Canada's Latest Limousine Liberal
by Kevin Annett
 A clearly Disloyal Canadian

"All I can say to all those bleeding hearts who don't like to see soldiers with guns on the streets is, go ahead and bleed"                                                                                                                                                    - Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, October 1970


Pierre Trudeau was a real asshole, and not just because he brought Canadians the War Measures Act. He loved to hurt people.

Just ask his wife Maggie, who used to get slapped around by him in public under the watchful eye of his RCMP bodyguards. Or my uncle George, a Liberal party corporate bag man in Toronto, who witnessed El Turdo punch Margaret unconscious at the Chateau Laurier one evening.

And now, just imagine! Their cute little kid Justin gets to step into his papa's brogans and become Canada's next Prime Minister, as newly crowned head of the government-in-waiting, the Liberal Party. Mon Dieu!

Never having overthrown or outgrown political absolutism, we Canadians see nothing wrong with dynastic successions: especially of assholes. So now another Trudeau gets to run our sunken ship of state with the kind of flashy smile and good looks that qualifies for substance here in the Great White North.

For those of you who harbor such un-Canadian traits as an historical memory, let's turn back the clock a few decades to get a better grasp of the latest joy ride we're being led on by the back room boys who have coiffed and prepared this nobody named Justin Trudeau to inherit the Prime Ministership of Canada.

Back in 1970 amidst what sycophants like to call the era of "Trudeaumania" (ouch), the separatist Parti Quebecois started gaining ground in Quebec - no surprise there, really, when you consider the corrupt priest-run provincial governments up to then. Eventually, the Pequistes got as much as 35% of the vote for outright separation (gasp) from our lovely old Canada.

Horrified, we Anglos tried to imagine why the Frenchies would want to end  our beautiful relationship together that went back over three hundred years to all those glorious throat-slitting, bayonet-gouging days.

Actually, if you're like me, some part of you no doubt secretly hankered to see the fleur de lys waving by itself over Montreal and a million Quebecers lined up on the Ottawa river waving their bare derrieres in the direction of Les Cochons d'Anglais who they will have outsmarted once again, eh! Those silly English persons whose mothers are elderberry bushes and fathers are 'amsters, n'est ce pas?

But over in Westmount, some of the Nabobs got genuinely panicked when Rene Levesque and his Pequistes began climbing in the polls, and they asked our Boys in Red (the Mounties, dummy) to do something about those separatist troublemakers, maintenant, et vite, alors!

So low and behold, Canada got made-to-order terrorism, just like in Boston these days!

Early in 1970, a tiny band of convenient mercenaries sprinkled with paid provocateurs calling themselves the FLQ (Front pour la Liberation du Quebec) showed up out of nowhere and kidnapped a Quebec cabinet minister, Pierre Laporte, and a Limey diplomat named James Cross. Somebody shot Laporte through the head and stuffed his body in the trunk of a car - the guy did have strong Montreal Mafia connections, but of course that was never mentioned by anybody - and then a well crafted hell broke loose.

Enter that paragon of liberal mythology, Justin's Dad Pierre (Jesuit educated, just like Adolf Hitler), who promptly called out the troops, literally, while trashing all those bleeding heart wimps who worried about such silly things as civil liberties and a fair trial.

Welcome to the War Measures Act.

Pierre Trudeau (the name means Water Hole, actually) had sat out World War Two, after all, like the pampered rich boy he was. I guess he doubted his manhood or something because of that, hence all the wife beating. So voila! In came the Canadian army and out went civil liberties and the rule of law faster than Pierre could say "Look at my Big Dick!", just to deal with twelve FLQ guys carrying pop guns.

Hundreds of us got arrested and jailed without trial after that, and not just in Quebec. That particular reign of state terror went on for months.

The whole mess was not without its funnier aspects. The RCMP, not known for their artistic sensibilities or their brain cells, once gathered up a Montreal "subversive's" entire collection of art books on Cubism because ... you know, Cuba. Cubism. Duh.

Well, that's the Arsee Empee for you. Their top officials are getting sued by their own female officers nowadays for sexual harassment and on the job rape. Go figure.

So who says Canada is boring?  And now we get Justin.

But let's be fair. We're Fair Play Canadians, after all. Maybe the lad isn't the asshole his Papa was.

Justin may be an insult to our intelligence, sashaying in like he has to accept a crown granted him solely by his name, but hell! Let's give the boy a chance, eh? Maybe he'll somehow grow some cojones and tell the Americans and the World Bank and the Bay street boys to keep their grubbies off our remaining jobs and sovereignty and natural resources, and pull our troops out of Afghanistan and do something besides follow orders.

But I'm not holding my breath. Trusting politicians gets you nowhere.
Justin's Dad taught me that, actually, one spring day in 1972.

Me and my high school buddy Mike Helmer and fifty other protestors showed up then at a Vancouver mall where Pierre and Maggie Trudeau were doing some stupid photo op. Our plan was to thrust Mike forward, since he spoke French and agreed to the mission, from where he could yell at The Turdo an appropriately radical expletive, like "Capitalists out of government!", or something.

I trusted Mike Helmer, even though he had asked me to go to bed with him. But when his big moment came, and he stood in front of Prime Minister Water Hole, all Mike yelled was,

"When are we going to get a French language TV station out here?!".

All our radical mob could do was stare dumbfounded at that moron Helmer.

I think Mike did it just to piss me off because I wouldn't get it on with him. But my erstwhile friend had  made his point, as did that fake "liberal" Trudeau and as does every other politician on the planet: namely, don't ever, ever rely on what people say they're going to do.

Or more to the point, as the Good Book says, "Put not they faith in princes".

I wish Justin Trudeau well, as Justin. But he should learn from his own history - and stay the hell away from Ottawa.


Kevin Daniel Annett is a Recovering Canadian who was conceived on a lovely spring morning somewhere west of the Lakehead in the back of a green chevy. Fleeing the prairies against his better judgement to a placid west coast life against which he has ceaselessly rebelled, Kevin divides his time between writing, occupying churches, paint ball warfare and conspiring to overthrow the state.

Having worked as a waiter, mail sorter, steel fitter, professional student and non-conforming clergyman, Rev Kev knows that there's nothing that beats working better than not working. He is presently composing a new syllabus of the mating habits of catholic clergymen and criminally convicted popes.

Kev is presently dividing his time between Nanaimo, the Cannes Film Festival, the Vatican lavatories and the Stansted Airport Immigration Prison. But mostly he's planning his eventual retirement somewhere on the Prairies under perfect skies, where he will someday lie decaying in and adding to the good soil of the true Republic of Kanata.

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the websites of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at and .

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at:

The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part One) - 1 hr. 46 mins. - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) - 1 hr. 47 mins. - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 mins. 30 secs. - Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses - 10 mins.

Kevin Annett is a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013). Messages for him can be left at  250-591-4573  (Canada) or  386-323-5774  (USA).

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him."
Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
Elder, Crane Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Monday, 8 April 2013


A LOVING note to all the BEautiful people struggling so hard to make ends meet not matter how hard you try. The system has been designed to do all this to you. They keep us feeling bad all the time over bills, taxes etc. We are programed through conditioning that we have to PAY!!

 There are two basic emotions LOVE & FEAR & every other emotion is a byproduct of these two!!
  If we can learn to let GO of all the FEAR based emotions ( HATE, JEALOUSY , NEGATIVITY, ANGER , WORRY etc)   & just LIVE LOVE & BE HAPPY. Life is BEautiful once we can learn how to do this.

Money was created to enslave humanity (Creator never meant for us to have to pay to survive)They have kept the wages low (on purpose) Everything else keeps skyrocketing.

So you are probably wondering how does this affect me? Everything is ENERGY, even our thoughts. Positive thoughts give off positive energy & negative thoughts give off negative energy! The system THRIVES on negative energy so they do everything the can to keep our energy in the lower vibrations!! This also includes the controled mainstream media news that mainly reports negative crap to keep you down. This system is described in the movie THE MATRIX!! There is a video that decodes the MATRIX here!!

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio

 Another part to this is that there is nothing backing the money (no precious metals) our countries pay to have the money printed so it is basicly a DEBT based system as the so called country is in DEBT right from the start.
 All countries in the world are private corporations that don't even belong to the people or the country. Who owns these corporations you say? The BANKERS & MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS!! So do you see why the governments don't do what the people want. It's all about controling the people & robbing their ENERGY!!

 Now on Dec 25th 2012 The One Peoples Public Trust foreclosed on the whole system & took back all the peoples value that was stolen from us. Now all that is left to do is let the people know they are FREE if they choose to BE. It's all about freewill & what you choose to do. You can choose to continue to be a slave to the SYSTEM or you can BE FREE! It's all up to you!! Nobody can do it for you!! We can lead you to the tools to stop the BANKERS , BEBT COLLECTORS in their tracks as well as the corrupt JUDICIAL SYSTEM.
 Just by not complying with their system will help bring it down. Just BE (free). Let go of the past , don't worry about the future!! Just live in the NOW!!! Enjoy life like the Creator meant it to BE.

From Removing The Shackles:
I was pondering it all (it being OPPT) and was shown a metaphor I thought I’d share with you that kinda explained to me the variety of reactions to news that so many of us Lightworkers/starseeds/indigos etc have wanted for so long…and yet here it seems to be, so much more amazing than I ever dared imagine it could be…and yet some peeps are expressing doubt and anger and frustration and disbelief and fear…??!! What the…?!!!
Anyways here’s the metaphor:
I saw a movie once where these prisoners were held in a concentration camp during WW2, and made to do all these things against their will, moral code etc. Then the Germans flee the camp (the Russians were coming) and the prisoners were left there alone. No-one ‘announces’ to them they are ‘now free’…they gradually have to figure it out for themselves. But it takes a couple of prisoners to risk being ‘shot’…dying… – by stepping outside of the barracks they have been confined in. When they do, they learn that their guards and captors have all gone. Then they tell all the other prisoners. Some laugh hysterically. Some cry with happiness. Some take a LOT of convincing. Some refuse to believe. Some choose to lay down and die. Some become angry. They don’t know quite what to do with themselves …they have longed for FREEDOM for so long and now it is here. But they have also had someone telling them what to do for so long…suddenly they have to think and feel for themselves again now and in essence, gain back their own sovereignty …they can just BE again.
Thought it was kinda apt here and now!


White Hats!! White Knights!! Dragons!! Who are they??? Why so much secrecy???  They all seem to support a REVALUED *GOLD* backed currency!! NEW government with a 14% tax on non essential items. This is all just a fresh coat of paint on the same old system!! Sure they will throw a few under the bus (Soros, LeGarde etc.) to make it look like a brand new system. A new pope that is going to make changes to the vatican!! What a laugh!! All religion must go!! Cannot fix this satanic pedophile cult!!! More SLAVERY is what you are looking at here.
 They wanted to access the ST Germain Trust but St Germain won't let them use is!! They do not have access to the collateral accounts either!!
 They actually called Heather last weelend & offered her a passport (which I understand they tried to buy her)
  The Indoniesia gets ahold of One Peoples Public Trust & offer the collateral account to the people (after the elitests are gone) like 6 million per person world wide.
 They have no *GOLD* to back their currency & this is why it hasn't happened already!!
 They might just try to do it & fall flat on their faces as they have nothing to back their currency!! One way or the other!! This is their last kick at the cat!!!
 They send out info about One Peoples Public Trust saying it is illuminati, MK ultra mind control etc. & everyone buys into it without checking it out.
 One Peoples Public Trust  has brought everything back to zero or prime which means NO GOVERNMENT, NO TAXES & THE ONLY LAW IS TO DO NO HARM!!!

Not asking anyone to believe me! It's just what i feel with MY heart!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

15 OLD EXPLAINS HOW THE UV Exchange Announcement 1121 Decodes THE MATRIX -UPDATED

My BEautiful Si*STAR* Bea shared her story from this morning about her & her son's dreams & about  letting her son read theUV Exchange Announcement!!! WOW:

 Here's Bea's dream from last weekend:
Last night, in my dream state, or maybe the real-reality state, you and I were saying Good Bye to someone who was not in physicality anymore, just a sphere of bright milky light, that was hugging us through sparks of that light, engulfing us in a type of LOVE that I cannot and will not even try to find words for.
I did not want to wake up. I wanted to stay in that embrace forever.
When I finally had no choice, but close my eyes over the real-reality and "woke up" here, I had a sense of mellow sadness.
Now I know that the sphere of milky light was Lois! I just KNOW IT.

  This is the part about David's dream from this weekend and after:

The dream was so powerful you should have seen his face!!!

He said "I have to share with you"

Then once he finished talking about how he was on the beach in Kauai sitting on a rock this lady with short brownish-red hair approached him
She said to him "you have to come back Nick,  we are all part if the big whole but since you left a part was missing (and he got the impression if him being the shoulder, the shoulder was missing). You have to come back to Lemuria. Come back Nick!"
Then she said: "let me show you something. I have to go get it. I'll be right back."

Then he woke up.

I said to him, "David I have a feeling, hold on!"

So I brought up on my phone Lois' picture and I wanted to asked him if it looked familiar.
I didn't have time to ask it he pointed at the pic and said THAT'S HER!!!
"Without the glasses but that's her"
"Mom, you're freaking me out, who is she? And how did you know?"

So I told him.

And I gave him the IM doc ready to hear him say it's hard to understand.

Just wondering if Lois did not touch David (my 15 years old son) with her featherless wings through their dream encounter...

I just gave David (my 15 years old son) the I M UV EXCHANGE document to read and asked him to allow his heart to read it rather than his mind.
Within 2 min if reading it he exclaimed!
"This is written in code! Is the undoing (decoding) of the Matrix that holds a simple Absolute Truth!
It is so simple to understand!!
First page is all about how we BE and second about how the BEing of BE, DO (or DOES)"

I said:" you didn't even have time to read the whole document! How did you get that, that fast?"
"Mom, David replied, you don't have to read it all, the code is in the bold letters only. Read the bold words out loud and you will get it too!"
I did and it does make sense.

Now he came to me and he said he feels so different, like a blindfold has been lifted off his Heart and he now "sees", but there's a different type of "seeing", that he can't find the words to explain.

What a day has been for us so far!!!!

Also he doesn't know Heather or  much about her, just heard me mentioning her name on the Skype calls, but he said this:
"The person who wrote this is, for us to  understand our Neo and Morpheus and Trinity together.

Here are Heathers comments combined:

From Bea:

Just wondering if Lois did not touch David (my 15 years old son) with her featherless wings through their dream encounter...
I just gave David the I M UV EXCHANGE document to read and asked him to allow his heart to read it rather than his mind.
Within 2 min if reading it he exclaimed!
"This is written in code! Is the undoing (decoding) of the Matrix that holds a simple Absolute Truth!
It is so simple to understand!!
First page is all about how we BE and second about how the BEing of BE, DO (or DOES)"

I said:" you didn't even have time to read the whole document! How did you get that, that fast?"
"Mom, David replied, you don't have to read it all, the code is in the bold letters only. Read the bold words out loud and you will get it too!"
I did and it does make sense.

Now he came to me and he said he feels so different, like a blindfold has been lifted off his Heart and he now "sees", but there's a different type of "seeing", that he can't find the words to explain.

What a day has been for us so far!!!!

Also he doesn't know Heather or  much about her, just heard me mentioning her name on the Skype calls, but he said this:
"The person who wrote this is, for us to  understand our Neo and Morpheus and Trinity together.


DAVID, you BE ETERNAL ESSENCE embodied, and by your free will conscious choice and action you DID KNOW, RECEIVE, ACCEPT, and RECONFIRM the loving gift of ABSOLUTE DATA, ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE within each embodiment, ETERNAL ESSENCE CONSCIOUS. 


I love you, David.  (heart)  I have been floating in the love of your BE'ing and DO'ing ALL day...I wasn't sure, until this moment, which embodiment DID it ;)....and yes, Lois, IS with you...your Mom was with her during her transition....we all had a mission to finish and IT IS DONE NOW.


Heather (music)\o/(music)
 Bea...what a mom!
I love you and thank you for BE'ing and DO'ing with Lois during the transition...WHAT A DAY IN DEED!!!  (heart)(inlove)(heart)

Heather: it is done... (clap);(:O(music)(heart)(music)(angel)(party)\o/(*)(sun)

Got accept the gift for it to be official, ya know? ;)(heart)
David: Heather, David here, my dream has opened my eyes to the REALity of the WORLD we live in, I SEE now what we are all meant to SEE. I AM living a different LIFE since my DREAM. I LOVE and am GRATEFUL for everything you have DONE.

As eternal essence embodied,

Heather, David again:
Lois is our Neo.
She had to GO TO the SOURCE by MAKEing the ultimate SACRIFICE.
From the SOURCE she DECODEd the MATRIX, but having LEFT the WORLD that we know she could only COMMUNICATE the new found KNOWLEDGE through an embodiment.
To do this she had to enter INTO my DREAM. When she said she has to show me something and she'll be right back she SHOWED me the deCODEd document.
 Bea: If you read only the capitalized words it says it all, simply and beautiful!

Heather: and YOU BE DO'ing eternal essence!!!  What a gift you have given me...I am speechless...ABSOLUTE LOVE and GRATITUDE, have expanded my existence and knowledge of love (inlove)(bow)(heart) 

A repost from Removing The Shackles:

With so much Love & Light, to our Loie

A little while ago the lovely and amazing Lois (Loie) left the confines of this reality to continue her incredible work- without limits or borders. 

I have such a huge amount of love for our lovely and amazing Loie - We love you Loie!!  The ground crew are ready! :>)

[10:53:10 AM] HEATHER:  Loie is now working absent limits (heart)-  time to grow the wings, fly and DO....absent limit.

Now they have to deal with her working absent limit!  NOW...I work absent limit from here...every embodiment will no longer imagine that it is a "superhero/messiah" thing...but the Absolute Truth that they can BE and DO absent limit.


AK: in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.

So much LOVE & Gratitude Loie !!!!!

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio

Understanding The OPPT

OPPT Filing Amendment What it Does in the Words of Heather Tucci-Jarraf

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Vulture Banking Meets Its Maker

Vulture Banking Meets Its Maker

Reposted from American Kabuki

Vulture Banking Meets Its Maker
By American Kabuki

My search for understanding the banking system began as quite a young man.  My high school years were rather unspectacular. I thought I was not too bright, after all my grades were Bs and Cs, and that report card meant to me and my parents that I wasn't that bright.  Throw in slight case of undiagnosed dyslexia and I convinced myself I was none too bright.  My limits were set low.  What I really was in high school, was bored and unchallenged. I found out I was smarter than I thought when I went to University.

My high school guidance counselor advised me to "go into the trades", that's just what they told people then they thought were less than worthy of college.  So I set out to be an electrician.

I always liked electricity, and regularly shocked myself playing with the house wiring on my mom's house, but I learned and got quite good at it.  Frightened my mother half to death during the learning stages.  I was not an easy child.  One time I made telegraph with with a big woofer speaker I found in an abandoned TV in the alley. I connected it to a 12 volt AC transformer and a telegraph key pad, and mounted it in this 5 gallon bulk peanut butter can my mom got from the Mormon food place that we got bulk food from for the 6 kids.  Every time I pressed the keypad this 60hz hum reverberated through the house with a slightly metallic sound and my mom came rushing in from the kitchen thinking I had finally done myself in for good messing with the power lines and truly fried myself.  I never saw her so angry and she told me she'd toss me out of house if I ever turned that thing on again!  I complied.  So the next thing I invented was a latching logic circuit out of some electromechanical relays. They didn't make as much noise. I didn't realize then what I invented on my own but I liked the fact it would start a circuit connection and stay connected.  I also tried to create electricity from water, but never succeed at that.  But for some reason I thought it could be done.

I did not get accepted into the electrician apprentice program. I did get hired as an apprentice carpenter to some amazing journeymen carpenters. We built winter millionaire homes in the desert mountains of Carefree Arizona.  My boss Gerry Jones was a former fighter pilot in the Flying Tigers in China during WWII and a 2nd degree black belt in Judo.  His money partner was the TV news anchor Hugh Downs.  My father had volunteered for that duty also but was too young at the time and ended up in the European war.  Gerry was a quite remarkable man with a high degree of self control and very ecologically minded.  He also went to my mom's high school in Indiana. I learned a little Judo from him... well at least enough to know how to fall and not hurt myself when he threw me across the mat. Knowing how to fall and not damage yourself is a good skill to know in life.  He had a huge impact on my life, and probably started my interest in Japanese culture. He spent 10 years in Japan.  Gerry was everything my father was not... self controlled.  I admired that.

The houses I built overlooked the Dick Van Dyke Studio for The New Dick Van Dyke Show, they were truly remarkable one of a kind homes nestled in granite boulders.  The way these homes were financed was unique in that they never had a mortgage.  The company I worked for built them all at cost plus 15%.  Often the designs and requirements were so exotic that no fixed bid could be made. They were always paid for by stock sales by their owners. At that age I couldn't imagine anyone having that much stock money.

We built homes for Lipman who owned the Lipman gallery in NYC, Alan Mayer, the Oscar Mayer scion who the family paid to stay away from the corporation because he was not too bright, and a huge 10,000 square foot hacienda near Cavecreek for the guests of the Whirlpool Corporation that looked it was more arranged for female companionship encounters of those friendly to the company than anything.  Beautiful homes, inspiring places to inhabit, nothing like the suburban South Scottsdale cracker box I grew up in.  I remember thinking why was it in this world it was that so few could enjoy a quality existence, what was it with pieces of paper that entitled one person so luxury but denied another.  You can't tell me its because they work harder. I know that to be false.  Hard work had nothing to do with it.  Can't even claim its time and chance.

I enjoyed building homes. Nothing quite as satisfying as building something that will out live your own physical body.  The wildlife of the desert in that area was full of animals, gila monsters, deer, rabbits, bob cats, desert tortoise and quail.  It was one of the happiest times of my life.

I worked for about 24 months then the economy went south, interest rates sky rocketed, and a crew of 100 soon whittled down to just me, as I was the youngest and least paid.   It was more profitable for the rich buyers to put money into bonds that stocks than real estate that was no longer rising in price due to high interest rates.  I learned decades later that the USA had decided to monetize the Vietnam war debt by printing money and that drove inflation through the roof as well as interest rates need to finance the debt.  It baffled me why economic conditions could change so rapidly.  I wasn't taught how things really worked in school.  I was taught the Fed controlled inflation instead of being the cause of inflation. There was no course in how banks truly worked just as there was no course in how power was exerted.  I knew what I wanted to BE and DO, but I couldn't get work because of decisions made 4000 miles east.  How was it Alan Volker thought it was his job to jack interest rates up so high and put me out of work? Those were questions I asked myself.  What did I do wrong? Nothing is more disempowering that not being able to control your economic fate.   And try living on Arizona's meager unemployment system... Arizona has never been a socialist paradise.

Everything in the end was driven by the bond market.  Bond traders are by far the most savvy of market traders. The FED knows that, that's why they are buying such huge amounts of T-Bills that make the market charts defy all logic and baffle even Pimco. The FED has unlimited buying power to bankrupt the bond traders. Keep the stock market high so everything looks hunky dory with cheap money and screw bond yields and the retirees who have their money in fixed returned investments.  Free market supply and demand only applies when the banks are in the cat bird seat.  When their profits are on the line they socialize their losses and privatize the profits.

I had job after job over the years, I was a tool and die maker, carpenter, airline reservations systems computer programmer, and even worked for a few banks briefly.  But it seemed in the end, it was Wall Street driving me to make career change after career change.  All I wanted to do was work.

When I was in England on contract to a consortium of Airlines during the late 1980s I began buying every economic book I could from a store that specializes in that in The City of London.  I used to tote hundreds of pounds of glossy hardbound books from contract to contract around the world.  If only I had a Kindle and e-books or PDFs then!  I learned Gantt Charts, Chinese Candle Stick Charts (invented by the Chinese to profit from tea price changes), Elliot Wave Theory - Bob Beckman and Robert Prechter became my heros.  Later learned what they were dealing with was a fractal pattern generated by fear and greed.  Wall Street (and the FTSE too) ran on fear and greed.  They've always openly admitted that. Nothing hidden there.  Never quite set well with me, for people always seem to match the lowest expectation set of them.  But it was what it was, and economic system for the semi-conscious to make sure they remain semi-conscious by appealing to their lowest vibration of consciousness.

I knew from Elliott wave theory that comets, astrological events, affected markets.  I didn't know why, but the effect was apparent in the charts. The data proved it.  The religious holidays and holy days around the world also seemed to influence price patterns.  I knew the patterns themselves were an oscillating pattern of human emotions, the euphoria induced by greed, and the panic induced by fear. The books said the ideal investor was said to be one devoid of emotions - which is why I never invested heavily in the market because I know I have very deep emotions.  Know thyself before you invest.  For the same reason I rarely gamble. But still I continued my financial reading hobby because I was learning some things about the world. Hidden things. I knew for example the stock broker is not your friend, he's your adversary.  He's trading opposite of what you do and more than likely he's rotating his old stale lettuce out to you.  I also learned from watching the financial TV shows at the time that by the time they recommend you buy something they already have their short positions in place.   Same goes with the "investment advice" on buy, hold or sell from the big banks. You think they they are going to tell you to sell something they have in their portfolio?

I watched the professors at Harvard discuss how awful it was that Airline employees were well paid, that pilots were no more than glorified bus drivers and that flight attendants were mere airborne wait staff.  Never mind the fact that all those small airlines around the country provided a good service and well paying jobs in many smaller cities.  Funny they never mentioned that perhaps professors were over paid? Where's the study on high costs of colleges these days?

I saw Frank Lorenzo, who was married to Rockefeller, take those Harvard professor papers and go and do vulture capitalism on Eastern Airlines and Continental Airlines.  I worked on computer systems meant to book flights on Eastern Airlines from Continental Airlines should the employees in Miami every wake up to what was really going on.   He came into our office once.

I saw the airlines rape themselves of profits by inventing frequent flyer miles (those never turned a profit), and then get so indebted to banks and so saddled with heavy jet fuel bills from big oil that frequent flyer miles became the credit card perks of the banks who have their long sucking fangs in the fuselage of Airlines.  Can't run an airline without capital and running cash.

I saw people at American Airlines insert binary hand coded patches into their reservation system to divert ticket sales from smaller airlines and onto their own planes, and when audited, the source code would never show those tweaks to the reservation system.  Could never be proven in court. There was no audit trail of the changes. Robert Crandall was one ruthless man.  There was an entire room of these guys three stories down at the Tulsa airport behind retinal scanners and 2 foot stainless steel vault doors doing that kind of thing.  Perhaps the most secret job there.  American Airlines was never profitable since deregulation, it made its money on its Sabre travel reservation system until the mid 1990s by sucking out booking fees from the smaller carriers.   Once they all died off they began bleeding money.  The parasite killed its hosts.

These things are not limited to these companies, you have all seen similar things in other businesses and government.  The squeeze hits, and everyone tries to be the highest rat on the flagpole of a sinking ship. Nobody asks why the ship is sinking and why they pay CEOs so much to loose so much money. It really seems to me there was a concerted effort to cause losses, increase debt, lower salaries and concentrate control of the small profitable airlines into fewer and fewer companies.  The popular account is that they were companies who had bad business models, but that's untrue.  They were small companies who were eaten alive by predators with good PR departments.

I saw Alan Greenspan announce that the dot-com boom was "irrational exuberance  just as it got started (causing yet another career change for me) crashing everything. He then proceeded to fund the most outrageous irrational exuberance the world has ever seen in no-doc loans in the housing industry that would nearly bring this nation to its knees, yet he has never been brought to trial.

And then there was the lost 8 years of hell on earth under George W Bush.  I really thought this country had gone completely insane with blood lust.  I think I lost my will to even live. I did die in 2009 and got sent back here (wasn't my time I suppose) and wouldn't be here now if I hadn't been shown incredible love by some dear friends, nursing staff, and loved ones during my recuperation from blood poisoning caused by MRSA. Septicemia is no fun.

We all saw Ben "Helicopter" Bernanke lobby congress for $700 Billion for rescuing home mortgages and then not give them any of it.  I saw that from my ICU bed.  Thank God for Jimmy Fallon, the only cheerful show on TV at the time I was in ICU.  Seeing the banking system crash is not something that makes you want to live.   Nobody ever paid any penalty for all those lies told to the public.  No charge of perjury in court.   Nobody even lost their golden parachute.

Thanks to Ron Paul's Audit-the-FED move, we learned 14 trillion went to overseas banks that was not even mentioned to the public.   Steal $500 from a 7/ELEVEN and you spend years in jail.  Crater an economy and you go on the public speaking tour circuit.  There is no justice in this land because you don't own it or the courthouse and you are not a party to the US Constitution.  Judges sell convicts to for-profit prisons. Want to know why marijuana arrests are so common?  They are non-violent, make good workers, and they know how to grow things.   And you expect these people who don't do justice to implement NESARA?

We are now witness to  the fratricide of the banking cabal.  The Texas camp and their secret extension of the German Nazi space program funded unsupervised and undocumented by drugs and murder and their threat to the three other factions, the Chinese royal families  the Rockefellers with the Oil and Coal, and Rothschild funded Global Warming scam to push their Uranium ore holdings up in government priorities over the Rockefeller camp fossil fuels.  

In February of 2012 I noticed a lot of bankers getting fired or resigning. The reasons stated were varied but the prominence of the names didn't escape my notice. And there was so man of them! I've been watching these things for sometime.   I never saw anything like it. For a while I thought maybe it was Fulford's dragons, and that may have been behind some of it, then I thought it was Neil Keenan, until I saw that was just another manipulation and the law suit was far too small to account for the total wealth stolen from humanity.  Then there was the Spire Law lawsuit, which I have heard next to nothing on since it was filed but that was only 14 times the Keenan suit.  Keenan became suspect to me when Fulford informed me Keenan had named dropped several key CIA drug running names in Asia to Ben, making Keenan a likely operative in Bulgaria where he lives.  The video promoting Neil as the chosen wonder boy of Indonesian chiefs was so saccharin it could only be agency sponsored propaganda.  Yet still something was changing.  Swissindo is after all, UBS Bank, the Bush camp banker. Credit Suisse is the choice of the Chinese.

Yet I could see it, feel it, something was going on behind the scenes.

David Wilcock pointed out that the hidden hand of the markets was the House of Rothschild stated in code.  There seems to be some requirement by Source that those who play the role of the dark side always have to state their intentions, but being who they are they usually do it in code.  In movies, in symbols, sometimes even in reverse letters or some other word game.  Now Source requires they do it in complete transparency, and they don't like that one bit.  Consciousness is not profitable for them. Neither is honesty.  Nobody will consent to this abuse knowingly.

There's also a requirement to give notice to those same folks when their time is up.  They have had that notice and are now into overtime.  What began as a contract with the children of Source to experience what it would be like to be (if it were possible - even now a link remains) to be separate from Source.  A convincing illusion was created, so convincing many forgot the true reality.

Some chose to go through it unconsciously, some did it consciously.  Some played a role of the light, some chose the role of the dark.   There's an old story in India that even among the angels the roles were agreed upon but there was one role nobody wanted, to be anchor for the dark polarity in the illusion - to be the one everyone in the light would hate and fear (for there is only light and love in Source) and the awful burden of being the one the dark ones chose to exalt.  One angel stepped forward and said "I will do it on one condition, that you love me when the experiment is over."  The other angels asked why the angel would ask for that condition. They could not conceive of not showing love to another.  Love is all they had ever known.  The angel replied "so I can find my way home".   Perhaps even the angels were caught up in the whole experiment of duality?  Scripture speak of a war. Did it leave anyone untouched?  Food for thought.  We may not know the complete story until every one has absolute remembrance.   The duality certainly didn't leave the higher densities/dimensions below the angelic realms untouched, they are every bit a part of duality as 3d earth is, they just haven't realized it until recently.  That's why they were called here, so they would know. And remember who they BE.

Darkness is just a closed heart away from Light.  All is Eternal Essence. There's only ONE of us here. There are many view points, that's how Source comes to know itself.

If this ancient story about the arch angels is true,  it may be that even my most basic assumptions of from my Christian version of cosmology is wrong at its core premise. My own Christian views were just one side of illusion that depended on the reverse for its identity and validation.  Its not unlike what we see in so called "light galactic forces" who think they can annihilate the "dark ones" or the "dark ones" exterminate the "forces of light".  Its Duality.  Us vs Them.  Nobody gets out duality trap by more duality. Duality is a mutually co-arising system within the Oneness.  Buddhism addresses this kind of mutual co-arising from the stand point of oneness. The ying-yang symbol within the circle points to that.

The various densities of existence are simply a recursion of energy structures from the lowest density to the highest with energy moving upwards. It could not be anything else if its true that "so above and so below and the reverse is also true. Basic frequency entrainment. Every musician understands it. If you consider it, it says the 3d world eternal hearts have been powering a lot things!  How's that for intrinsic value?  Still feeling worthless?  Why is it they kept you ignorant from all this? Why? Why are we so preoccupied with survival in a universe of scandalous abundance while living on the most vibrant planet in the galaxy?  Perhaps so that you couldn't even ponder these things?  Banking is just an energy transfer system from the lowest social castes to the higher and eventually to the beings known to the banking elites as "the divines", those who give the orders to the bankers, the militaries, the Government leaders.

What the divines are is not completely clear, but they have been posing as St Germain, Ashtar, and other beings.  Seems to be a bit of celestial identity theft going on.  We know St Germain to be a currently incarnated 3d human, Native American at that. The Chinese and 3 letter agencies know too.  He too is undergoing his own awakening. There's been a lot of non-AA Michael channelings too, Dear heart.

The experiment doesn't end by annihilation of either side, its not in the contract that was signed at the beginning for that to happen.  Everyone wakes up to who they are, or they lose embodiment by choosing not to and return to Source for re-issue in another embodiment in a circumstance of Eternal Essence.  Either way the result is the same.  The contract is enforced by Source.  But first everyone comes into remembrance, then the choice is made.

What started in heaven wraps up on earth and echoes back into complete Oneness.  Lower frequencies always entrain the higher ones, change the lowest one you change all above it. As below so above. That phrase usually stated stated in reverse order, but then the illuminati invert every principle. 

A duality was created from top to bottom in this universe and heaven was declared the top and the earth was declared the anchor of the dark illusion.   What's happening now is the illusion is going away.  No limits except for what you put on yourself consciously.

Its to the point now where everything collapses on its own accord, its mathematically impossible to pay the national debts off, and they are not the citizens debt anyway, its the corporate governments debt which the bankers own and operate.  So what to do?  Well the Chinese funded the whole damn thing with their gold to begin with as Wilcock clearly showed (which by the way is just the repository of years of gold pilfering around the world, if anyone owns its the aboriginal people of Latin America, Africa and other lands like Southeast Asia).  The Europeans want to "phoenix" the existing systems by hypothecating gold and re-aging existing debt paper under Chinese gofuku (Chinese kimono).

When will they wake up?

Pretty darn soon.  The experiment is over.   The last card was played.   And it looks like this....

The designers over at OPPT-IN.COM created these "missing Illuminati game" cards that should have been in the curious game by the same name.  Its a freakily spooking set of game cards, even predicting 9/11 before it happened.  Another case of them telegraphing their intentions in code?  
The controllers should have chosen the one below, but in a way they have, just a different and perhaps more dramatic route to the one below...  Ah...just like the movies, the bad guys hang on to the end, kind of like Bonnie and Clyde... they just forgot they were playing a role and they made the mistake of believing they really were the role they played and not Eternal Essence.  Still either way they find out... and it might not just end at jail time...  They played the game of extracting energy from others, rather than drawing the energy of Eternal Essence within.  They've done it so long they can't remember who they are...or choose not to...  perhaps there is still time before they go too far... stopping an inch before the cliff is still avoiding the cliff... will they?