Saturday, 20 April 2013


Let me start out by telling you that I LOVE YOU & that you might find some of this a little different than what you expect to read, The main thing is to read the whole thing to get the big picture! If you read it & it resonates with you then you will have the power to change you life in a very beautiful way! It is up to you!

 We have been programed deep in our sub conciousness by  a lot of different things without our knowing. We have been led to believe that we are a lot less than we areThe fact is that we are VERY POWERFUL & this has been hidden on us. Believe it or not we are all responsible for everything in our own reality!! We have been led to believe that we are victims & we think nobody cares,  that we need something or someone else to make us happy. Only we can make us happy, nobody else. We can be happy with others but they can't make us happy!! 

 Is it time to take your power back? Only you can decide when it is time as we all have free will!! It is all within you!!!

 The very fist thing you have to understand is to let go of the EGO (edge God out) The ego is that thing that we call our mind that never stops & if we let it, it will drive us bonkers or deppress us! Once you realize this you will see the power you have & all you have to do is learn how to control your mind instead of it controling you!
 Let go of anything & everything that does not serve you! Let go of the past as you won't be going there anymore plus you can't change it now. Don't worry about tommorrow as it is not here now! LIVE IN THE NOW! In this moment!
 Don't let anyone control you by things they might say as when someone points a finger at others, they have 3 pointing back at them! We were all created in the image of the Creator as ONE! We all mirror each other so what one sees in the other sees that in themselves.

 We have to let go of all negative (fear based) emotions! Eg,   hate, jealousy, anger, guilt etc..
 Learn to forgive yourself & everyone else as we only hurt ourselves by not forgiving. Does not mean you have to go up to them & forgive them. Forgive yourself for allowing this experience to happen to you as we are all responsible for everything in our own reality. Might sound strange but is very true!! By letting someone make you angry for what ever reason, YOU ARE GIVING THEM YOUR POWER. You don't hurt them by your anger, you only hurt yourself!

Everything that has ever happened to us is a life experience whether it is good or bad, just a life experience. At the time it happens we might not know the reason but everything also happens for a reason! There is no such thing as coincidence or accident. All our life experiences make us who we are, the crappy things make us stronger etc.. The main thing to also remember is to always give thanks for everything, good or bad as it is all just life experiences to make us the amazing beings that we become.

 One other big one is to LOVE yourself because you can not truly LOVE anyone else until you LOVE yourself!! The way you do this is go into the bathroom & close the door!! LOOK YOURSELF STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND TELL YOURSELF * I LOVE YOU *
 I have done this & at first it might be hard to do but once you do you will change. I know when I first started doing it, I actually cried when I did this as it is all part of the healing.

 So it is all up to you, nobody else can do it for you. Up to ourselves to stop playing the part of the victim & take out POWER BACK!!!

 I hope this has helped you even a little bit but I know if this rings a bell it will help you in a BIG way!

 Just a reminder too about our evolution !! This TSUNAMI OF LOVING energy is really hitting us hard right now & will not decrease! It will only get stronger!! If you are feeling down and don't pick yourself up, then you could keep spiraling down. Best thing to do is WAX your board ride the wave of LOVE!! Allow it to make you feel the BLISS!! This is where I AM going & I want to take you all with me!! 
I LOVE YOU & It's Time to shine your Light on the darkness!!!


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