Monday, 29 April 2013

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: I UV Exchange “All Launch May” ! " MORE TRANSPARENCY"

This was taken from the Skype chat, Heather answering a couple questions!!

 [4:51:48 AM] Jarrafusa: <<< ‎9‎:‎23‎ ‎PM D, Brian, whoever wants to answer......I have to ask something that has been on my mind. Back at the end of March it was said that "replacements of past harvesting tools begin to be implemented next week" and that was a month ago. Can anyone in the 'know' address this?

H:  I/UV lawful and legal structure was implemented that next week...BE'ing and DO'ing ARE the I/UV Exchange Absolute Tech....we just amped it up and Caleb made a bridge NOW technology to assist all to see, know and experience what IS that Absolute Tech....Project XIII is launching as the I/UV tools of combines and changes the functions formerly provided by harvesting tools such as Facebook, UCC, purported Departments of Licensing, purported banks, etc....all in one and operates transparently and universally, not just globally, internationally or nationally....the biggest recalibration tool of I/UV Ixchange IS that each embodiment is solely responsible for their BE'ing, Value and DO'ing...all that they BE, DO, all their value, etc. is controlled solely by their Self on their IPage, transparently for all to know, engage with, and deliver by free will choice....and, yes, their 10 Billion in gold and silver will be in their UV Ixchange account that will BE accessible through their official announcement for the official launch is BE'ing prepared now...all launch May.
[3:14:15 AM] Jarrafusa: The gold and silver are co-partner/operators with every embodiment that respectfully chooses to co-partner/operate with the gold and silver....those who abuse it will find that the gold silver doesn't stick around very long to play with them.

(heart) and to answer your next question that I can already hear...yes, please repost as you choose to.


absolutely true...

<<< Laurel and Hardy bit called "Who's on first" or "who's on first base"...sorry, my father was really into those two along with The Three Stooges, Harlem Globetrotters, and Sha Na stuck.. (chuckle)(heart)[4:30 AM] Jarrafusa:

<<< I think it represents nicely what the PTW are DO'ing with each other

[6:56:45 AM] D breakingthesilence: in a nut shell: the gold and silver and precious metals- they are beings as well, they have DNA and a will of their own.  if you fuck with them, they'll leave.  best security system ever invented to keep people honest

please consider whether being a director of a private Spanish bank until 09/09/12 and having an address on the same street where the Beatles' Apple Corps originally opened, registered with Companies House, ties in with the story its trustees have presented about the background and interests of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. Furthermore, what implications does it have upon her recent confession that she has taken advice from a House of Rothschild trustee? The following details have been recorded by Companies House and were sent to me by email this afternoon by a trusted source, except for the links to Wigmore Street and BANDENIA BANCA PRIVADA PLC, which I have added for the purposes of clarification:

Director Summary
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf has 1 current or previous company director or secretary appointments.
Short name - Heather Tucci-Jarraf
Director ID : 916922015
Year of Birth: 1972
126 Wigmore Street
Ground Floor
United Kingdom
Is this true Heather?
It was on a FB POST!

[4:00:24 AM] Jarrafusa: RE BANDENIA:  honey, I was never a director of that bank....that was an option that the PTW set up to non-transparently deal....we chose to move and DO that option was lovingly rejected.... yes, later I received information that the rothschilds do business out of that purported and that purported bank is in bed with HSBC, general wong, lee, wu and gang, etc...TRANSPARENCY IS SOLUTION.  I cannot control what others DO...they registered me as a director without my consent or signature ALONG with someone from the IMF and World Bank...look at the other appointments they purportedly made...look at the date they purportedly "removed" me as a purported "director"...just around the disclosure December 25, 2012, yes?  We obviously chose to DO things differently, transparently, and with all embodiments equally, yes?
[4:01:15 AM] Jarrafusa: love you nickin...I have DO'ing to DO for the benefit and abundance of all embodiments...what DO you choose to DO, my love? ;)(heart)
Elvira, umanmike and all...great love and my absolute gratitude to you all (bow)....and absolute love eternal (heart)

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