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A LOVING note to all the BEautiful people struggling so hard to make ends meet not matter how hard you try. The system has been designed to do all this to you. They keep us feeling bad all the time over bills, taxes etc. We are programed through conditioning that we have to PAY!!

 There are two basic emotions LOVE & FEAR & every other emotion is a byproduct of these two!!
  If we can learn to let GO of all the FEAR based emotions ( HATE, JEALOUSY , NEGATIVITY, ANGER , WORRY etc)   & just LIVE LOVE & BE HAPPY. Life is BEautiful once we can learn how to do this.

Money was created to enslave humanity (Creator never meant for us to have to pay to survive)They have kept the wages low (on purpose) Everything else keeps skyrocketing.

So you are probably wondering how does this affect me? Everything is ENERGY, even our thoughts. Positive thoughts give off positive energy & negative thoughts give off negative energy! The system THRIVES on negative energy so they do everything the can to keep our energy in the lower vibrations!! This also includes the controled mainstream media news that mainly reports negative crap to keep you down. This system is described in the movie THE MATRIX!! There is a video that decodes the MATRIX here!!

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio

 Another part to this is that there is nothing backing the money (no precious metals) our countries pay to have the money printed so it is basicly a DEBT based system as the so called country is in DEBT right from the start.
 All countries in the world are private corporations that don't even belong to the people or the country. Who owns these corporations you say? The BANKERS & MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS!! So do you see why the governments don't do what the people want. It's all about controling the people & robbing their ENERGY!!

 Now on Dec 25th 2012 The One Peoples Public Trust foreclosed on the whole system & took back all the peoples value that was stolen from us. Now all that is left to do is let the people know they are FREE if they choose to BE. It's all about freewill & what you choose to do. You can choose to continue to be a slave to the SYSTEM or you can BE FREE! It's all up to you!! Nobody can do it for you!! We can lead you to the tools to stop the BANKERS , BEBT COLLECTORS in their tracks as well as the corrupt JUDICIAL SYSTEM.
 Just by not complying with their system will help bring it down. Just BE (free). Let go of the past , don't worry about the future!! Just live in the NOW!!! Enjoy life like the Creator meant it to BE.

From Removing The Shackles:
I was pondering it all (it being OPPT) and was shown a metaphor I thought I’d share with you that kinda explained to me the variety of reactions to news that so many of us Lightworkers/starseeds/indigos etc have wanted for so long…and yet here it seems to be, so much more amazing than I ever dared imagine it could be…and yet some peeps are expressing doubt and anger and frustration and disbelief and fear…??!! What the…?!!!
Anyways here’s the metaphor:
I saw a movie once where these prisoners were held in a concentration camp during WW2, and made to do all these things against their will, moral code etc. Then the Germans flee the camp (the Russians were coming) and the prisoners were left there alone. No-one ‘announces’ to them they are ‘now free’…they gradually have to figure it out for themselves. But it takes a couple of prisoners to risk being ‘shot’…dying… – by stepping outside of the barracks they have been confined in. When they do, they learn that their guards and captors have all gone. Then they tell all the other prisoners. Some laugh hysterically. Some cry with happiness. Some take a LOT of convincing. Some refuse to believe. Some choose to lay down and die. Some become angry. They don’t know quite what to do with themselves …they have longed for FREEDOM for so long and now it is here. But they have also had someone telling them what to do for so long…suddenly they have to think and feel for themselves again now and in essence, gain back their own sovereignty …they can just BE again.
Thought it was kinda apt here and now!
This was the last document filed with the One Peoples Public Trust & is to be read while feeling it with your heart, not trying to understand it with the mind. 
eternal essence in absolute love, peace and gratitude of all its embodiments:
Universal Value (UV) Exchange
I , duly verified as reconfirmed and ratified, under the full responsibility and liability of eternal essence embodied, I do
issue the following official Announcement and Invitation to all embodiments of eternal essence, that the UV Exchange
is now officially open for DO'ing in unity to experience eternal essence with Absolute Knowledge of embodiments equally.
The UV Exchange , duly verified as reconfirmed and ratified, is a lawful identifiable conscious space that is eternal
essence BE'ing...eternal essence's universal platform for any and all DO'ing with the intent to know and experience eternal
essence in a quantum exponential and perpetual flow in unity. All that is BE'ing and DO'ing within this intent to know and
experience eternal essence is protected within this eternal essence UV Exchange from any and all former methods,
platforms, systems, agencies, contracts and agreements intent on restricting the knowing and experiencing of eternal
Advanced and Absolute Technologies are eternal essence and are for all embodiments of eternal essence to know and
experience consciously. That conscious knowledge and experience renders any and all former slavery systems, and
restrictive financial tools of commandeer, currency, ownership and distribution irrelevant in a twinkling of an eye, and
creates a quantum exponential and perpetual advancement of DO'ing and BE'ing eternal essence embodied. The release of
these Advanced and Absolute Technologies that are eternal essence for the knowledge and experience by all embodiments
of eternal essence within eternal essence's universe, ARE eternal essence's PEACEFUL ENFORCMENT AND

Embodiments of eternal essence DO use the UV Exchange for Absolute Protection, Insurance and Guarantee that the
Advanced and Absolute Technologies are transparent and can be relied upon to be disbursed to all for the sole purpose and
intent to know, experience and advance all embodiments of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe absent exception,
borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits. Eternal essence duly declares and orders
the release of all that is eternal essence for the abundance of knowing and experience by all its embodiments NOW.
As equals, absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits, duly
confirmed as Protected, Insured and Guaranteed by: /ss/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, eternal essence, embodied and DO'ing
Rec. No. 2013032035, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full


UV (LIGHT)... BE... DO

BE... DO... UV (LIGHT)



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