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The Lizards Behind the Curtain

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The Lizards Behind the Curtain

One of the most surprising twists for me was learning about the existence of the immortals and divines that operate on this planet.  Its not a subject much discussed either in light worker circles or among the conspiracy theorists.

There's some asians that live extraordinary long lives. They seem to be the one who have the gold deposits.  Hints of this have come from Fulford, Keenan, Drake, and Heather confirmed.  One patriarch is said to be 5000 years old, and the elite bankers call him "the old man". We call these "immortals" because for all practical purpose they are.

Then there's the group  of what Heather and Caleb call "the divines".  These are trans or inter-dimensional beings who the Rothschild's and other banking elites report to.  They pull the puppet strings on the bankers (who are just brokers) for control and energy transference on this planet.

There may be some overlap between the immortals and divines, I am not too clear on that yet.

We're led to believe through various channelings that they are "ascended masters" in charge of our future.  And to be honest I believed this until 12/21/12.  I didn't predict 12/21/12 would bring a sudden change, I told people I thought we had work yet to do.  But I did post channelings from so called "ascended masters" and from the "Galactic Federation of Light", which I didn't realize is different from the "Galactic Federation".   I had another blog devoted to that, which I closed down in January after having more data on what was going on.  The evidence is pretty clear, and there's suddenly been a very sudden drop in the volume of channelings from these beings.

These beings seemed to have stolen some identities of various prominent beings including St Germain and AA Michael.  They have also been posing as other beings.  What their true nature is (aside from Eternal Essence) is not entirely clear.  Best we can say is they are interlopers. I suspect they are of reptilian origins and in non-3d form but they could be humanoid.  Its not really clear, we don't have enough information yet, we just see the trails through the banking system.

They are quite adept at building up expectations and harvesting the resulting energy and then dashing the expectations and harvesting that energy too. The are masters of energy harvesting.  They are also huge control freaks.  We know they have altered the Earth's akashic records which confused the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command, both of which are real groups.  The records of creation were pulled down to correct the damaged akashic records on earth.  They didn't know there were untouchable copies.   A recent channeling from Hatonn went into that briefly.

They have been operating in and on earth for a long time and have benefited and set up the existing system here on the planet.  We KNOW first hand they have been impersonating St. Germain.  So the post below is quite interesting in that it claims St Germain is the new Pope, the Jesuit from Argentina linked to murders and disappearances.  That's probably news to the real St Germain who is an Native American.  There has also been a purported St Germain walking through walls at the Pentagon and also doing gemstone tricks for Cardinals prior to the resignation of Pope Benedict which came from other sources.  The convergence of these stories on the Vatican is indeed interesting.  As is this new apparent impersonation of Ashtar from the Pleiades.


Heather Tucci-Jarraf 6:47 AM

With Absolute Gratitude, Love and Peace, I DO this one last “time” ... We DO this one last “time”... because apparently some did not get the memo ...”NOTICE: ALL that IS, BE embodiments of eternal essence absent limit ... DO what you BE ... NOW”...   Rec. No. 2013032035, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full  PRE-PAID, PRE-AUTHORIZED, and PRE-APPROVED.  

“Part 137, Ashtar Tells of The Changes Needed On The Ground Before Disclosure
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/01/13”

“It is I, Ashtar.  I have breaking news, and I have chosen this channel because I know the good people will pass it on and assure great distribution to the many readers you serve.”
H:  Why use a channel?  Stand before us, with us, transparently...eternal essence that we may experience the intent and integrity directly and use are tools of resonance to know if you BE and DO in Absolute Truth giving Absolute Data.

“First, I will inform you of the state of the Disclosure plans.  Barack Obama is fully aware of the growing impatience on the part of Lightworkers, and also aware of the slanderous comments about his dear Michelle being the reason for the hold-up.  This is absolutely not true.  He has not been dragging his feet.”

Heather:  This moment is about is difficult by design of another to know what is Absolute Truth or not when it is done absent transparency to all and the opportunity to vet using our tools of resonance within...

“He has been following orders from the Council which oversees the Ascension process of Planet Earth, which we are all pledged to abide by.”

Heather:  Which “Council” is that?  Who purportedly “sits” on this “Council”?  “What IS the purported “Ascension process”?  Ascension from what to what?  I AM eternal essence embodied absent limit  since before this experiment began and I DO what I BE,...I DO NOT CONSENT TO LIMITS placed upon me, especially by those who choose not to present them self transparently before me.

“This process is difficult enough without having rumors flying around which insult the integrity of our Ascended Masters.”

Heather:  Please clarify to me what IS your definition of “Ascended Master”.  Do they require others to BE less than them to support their purported “Ascended Master” state?  I BE transparent and DO with full responsibility and liability for all to rely upon, for all to experience, question, and dissect...the purported “Ascended Masters” have not provided me with the same opportunity and experience, and I DO desire, choose and request transparency NOW, especially when you or another claims that they are “oversee'ing” anything regarding my embodiment and what I BE.

“Next, let me update you on the progress.  As you might have suspected, this is a multi-pronged effort, including not only the spectacular celebration of welcoming your Brother and Sisters.  It is far more complex than that.  It involved the complete overhaul of your financial, legal and social systems. That cannot be done without complete chaos unless the work has been done by our representatives on the ground to have the following things in place:”

Heather:  Again....This moment is about is difficult by design of another to know what is Absolute Truth or not when it is done absent transparency to all and the opportunity to vet, review, and dissect using our tools of resonance within...and, the closure of unlawful and illegal slavery systems, inclusive of financial, legal, and corporate WERE DONE ABSENT COMPLETE CHAOS, PEACEFULLY.

“An alternate financial system through which everyone can access funds to continue their lives in an orderly fashion, including being able to access food and basic necessities for the interim.”
H:  Alternate “financial system”...Who is to operate it?  Please identify and clarify with specificity and particularity the proposed mechanics, “operations”, “terms and conditions” and principals of this proposed “financial system”...I sense there are many and that they are complex...sooo unnecessary unless the purpose is to distract, hide or disguise the simplicity of what IS ABSOLUTE VALUE...BE'ing eternal essence embodied and the exchange mechanism, DO'ing what you BE...It is that simple.

Heather:  “Funds”... please identify with specificity and particularity what the purported “funds” are, and clarify and produce the documentation of the history and origin of these proposed “funds” so that all may review, dissect and vet them and who purportedly “owns” them and how they came in their possession.  

Heather:  I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY SLAVERY SYSTEM, INCLUSIVE OF FINANCIAL SYSTEMS that limit my BE'ing and DO'ing in any way, shape or form.  Again... this is the moment for transparency, Absolute Data and Absolute Truth.

“Systems of distribution for food, medical care and other necessities outside the usual profiteering channels which have held poor countries and their people hostage.”

Heather:  What is this proposed system of distribution?  Who is to operate it?  Is it privately “owned”?  Please identify and clarify with specificity and particularity the proposed mechanics, “operations”, “terms and conditions”, and principals of this proposed “system of distribution”.  

“Organizations which are capable of identifying, pursuing and prosecuting the Dark Ones who have created hardship for all of you over the eons.”

Heather:  What are the identities of these organizations?  Who are the principals of these organizations?  If they are capable of “identifying, pursuing and prosecuting the alleged “Dark Ones” why haven't they done so well before NOW?  What purportedly makes them “capable” NOW?  Interesting claim and “timing”... just when many are remembering through their tools of resonance within that they BE eternal essence embodied... that all that IS, BE eternal essence experiencing through all embodiments simultaneously.

“This is an especially important and difficult part of the procedure, since the present systems of courts and prisons are completely riddled with corruption and greed.  We cannot permit the criminals who have misused their power so viciously to continue, or to disappear into the population to begin their destructive work again, as they have done in the past.”

Heather:  Judgment?  Again... Interesting claim and “timing”... just when many are remembering through their tools of resonance within that they BE eternal essence embodied ... that all that IS, BE eternal essence experiencing through all embodiments simultaneously.  Why maintain the illusion of separation?  Why maintain the illusion of division? Why maintain the illusion of “versus”?  Who benefits from that?  How can one purport on so many occasions that we are all one, that they are “Ascended Masters”, yet in the next breath support the existence of the contrast ... which is it?  I DO NOT CONSENT to any limits on what I BE and DO or imposition of limits on any embodiment of eternal essence absent free will choice to BE limited made by an embodiment.

“New social organizations which can provide shelter for those who need it and emotional support during the massive changes.  Many who have not been reading these messages as you have will be frightened and confused by the sudden Shift to the Light”

Heather:  I BE eternal essence embodied absent limit...all I see, know and experience BE eternal essence embodied absent limit...what DO I have to fear?  I DO NOT CONSENT TO FEAR IMPOSED UPON ME...thank you for holding the contrast...I get it...that's a wrap!!!   The play is over...I DO NOT CONSENT TO AN ENCORE...however, I bow in absolute gratitude, love and peace...I embrace you.
6:48 AM

“Educational structures to help explain and teach The True Way, and to help usher in the New Golden Age by teaching the children the glorious ways of the New Era.”

Heather:  What is the purported “True Way”?  Who is to teach and explain to the children, the people?  The purported “Ascended Masters”?

This is made much easier by the internet - this wonderful resource which allows you to talk across the planet with no time lapse.

Heather:  Who created the internet?  Who purportedly “owns” the internet?  

It will be used extensively to keep all of you ACCURATELY informed.  Deceptive information and misinformation will no longer be permitted within this medium.

Heather:  I am so glad no more “deceptive information and misinformation will no longer be permitted within this paradigm”...we already started...join in when you choose by your free will.

“Media.  Your television stations will be removed from the control of profit-oriented companies and returned to the people.  You will no longer see violence, mind-twisting “entertainment” or bogus news reports from the Powers That Be who have used these outlets for the purpose of mind-control and massive theft of the planet’s resources.”

Heather:  Many already see, sense, know, and have experienced the Absolute Truth, by their tools of resonance within, regarding contrived events, the intent, and energetic patterns responsible for creating case you did not receive the most recent memo... “NOTICE:  The role and label of “Powers that Were”, inclusive of “Powers that BE”, are reconciled/canceled/retired...with standing ovation, gratitude, love and peace...all BE eternal essence embodied absent limit...DAMN FINE PERFORMANCE...that is a wrap!!!.”

“Spiritual resources for people who have relied on the traditional Church settings for their sense of community, solace and connection with God.  You will all be called upon to help replace the rigid doctrinaire practices of the present religions with the kind and loving teachings of The True Way.”

Heather:  What is “The True Way” again?

“This will be an ongoing process.  As you have seen, our dear St. Germain has been doing an admirable job as “the Pope,”  gently modeling new behaviors and attitudes which will fairly quickly be shifted to teaching The True Way.  Of course, we ask that you keep this information “under your hats.”  For the time being it will just be thought of as an unfounded and impossible rumor, but we did want you to be in on the wonderful joke so that you can watch carefully and smile with us each time he presents a new and radical break with tradition, smiling sweetly as he dismantles thousands of years of enslavement of the poor and women.”

Heather: I don't even know what to say to that...LOL....better to let the Absolute Truth be made visible by the embodiments of eternal essence consciously DO'ing.  More fun that way.   The originals are on their way to DO ... the squad has been looking forward to the fun of pulling the curtain back on this one, and that with DOD, Pentagon, and more, for some time.  *wink wink*.

“Technological advancements, which we will be introducing quickly and efficiently to take the place of your current primitive sources of power.  We do not wish for millions of people to freeze or swelter as we make the shift to efficient sources.  We are making every effort to provide an orderly transition.”

Heather:  Technological is it an advancement to reveal what IS, what always has existed?  Oh wait, you mean the synthetic copies that were made from the Absolute Tech that is already deposited within each embodiment of eternal essence?  OK ... bring it ... NOW ... let's have some fun ... we just require transparency of any and all terms and conditions that you may have so that we can make an informed choice of whether we play with you.

“So you see, it is a massively complex undertaking.  Every one of these elements are nearing the stage of completion - that is, they are organizing organically to the point where they will be in place and viable when they are needed.”

Heather:  No.  I don't see a massively complex undertaking and DO'ing because it was not made transparent and visible to me for my review, dissection, and vetting using the tools of resonance within me ... some may deem me “unworthy”, “unintelligent”, “incapable”, an “animal that calls themselves human”... but those are not limits I choose or consent to have put upon me ... I BE eternal essence embodied ... I can more than handle Absolute Truth and Absolute Transparency ... I DO it and require it to BE DONE if you want to play with me.

“Those of you who are asking what you path is - come forward to join one of these categories of transition work.  Rather than ask when it will all be done, join in the work to make it happen.  Set up groups so that you have contact and frequent communication with your neighbors and friends.  Be a resource for information in your community by letting people know you are available to help out whenever needed.  Your assignments will come thick and fast, and you will be instrumental in making the Ascension plans come to fruition.”

Heather:  I DO what I BE...I have never resonated with any one telling me what to DO or how to BE...but thank you for holding the contrast with your hierarchies, federations, categories, and assignments...and for assisting me in reconfirming the essence I remember within me...eternal essence.  

“Many of you have heard of the Transition Movement which was begun in the UK and has spread around the world.  Contact these folks to become part of their network.  They are already organizing to help one another for the Change.  You can begin with, and go on from there to contact people in your area.  They are good people who are already philosophically and emotionally aligned with the coming Shift.”

Heather:  I am eternal essence's network of embodiments...all are.  DO I NEED ANYTHING ELSE?  No...DO I CHOOSE ANYTHING LESS THAN ETERNAL ESSENCE?  No.  Thank you again for holding the is done.  

“I absolutely will not give you a fixed date for the Disclosure Moment.  It will depend upon how many of you mobilize to take positive action.  Follow the guidelines I have given you here.  Reach out to offer yourself as a resource and you will find fulfilling work which will lift you spiritually, which is the goal of all this to begin with, isn’t it?  Lifting yourself spiritually does not involve being given something from On High.  It is an individual process of learning to breathe, think and feel in the Light.  Concentrate on learning to be in complete command of your every thought, feeling and action so that you never do anything you will regret, and so that you are always acting as a Beacon of Light.”

Heather:  Thank you to all for sending out this purported “Message from Ashtar”, it is a useful tool to remember and anchor who we BE and to DO what we BE.  I BE eternal essence absent regrets and limits...I BE absolute love and gratitude.

“You are all apostles, Dear Children, as we are.  You are the bearers of the good news and the Light of the Central Sun, which you have known as the Godhead.  It is you who will usher in the New Golden Age of Gaia.  We will be there with you, celebrating and offering our gifts just as you offer yours.  This is a joint project, as you have been told.  Be yourself - our brilliant, radiant Self.  Do not be afraid to speak out, to tell what you know, what you have read in these pages.  Anyone who scoffs and refuses to believe you will learn soon enough that you are a leader of the New Age and will come to you for answers when the time comes.  Announce yourselves.  Declare your intention to be of service.  Tell your Guides and Helpers.  Tell Mother/Father God to place your name on the roster of Lightworkers who can be counted on to work for the Ascension cause.  Then begin.  You know what your talents and abilities are.  You can look around you and see what others are in need of.  Begin your Ascension now, by dedicating yourself to the fulfillment of the Great Dream of Gaia and her people.”

Heather:  “Begin [my] Ascension” ... LOL! ... I DULY DECLARE THAT I BE eternal essence embodied absent limit and DO transparently BE of service to all embodiments of eternal essence and offer this to you absent border, dimension, condition, exception and judgment with absolute love, gratitude and peace ... all that IS, BE eternal essence embodied absent limit ... what DO you choose by your free will to DO in this NOW in service to all embodiments of eternal essence?  Or DO you declare you choose to BE with limit and DO limits onto the other embodiments of eternal essence?

“We are here with you, at the ready.  We have developed a plan for the Disclosure process which is dramatic, flexible, and fast-moving.  We are, literally, on our toes, in high anticipation of the Great Unfolding.  What a glorious time it is to be here with you.”

Heather:  I CHOOSE DO'ing absent limit...I CHOOSE TO IMAGINE absent limit and DO what I imagine.  Meet me at the crossroad of NOW and we can transparently DO together if you choose to.  

“And now I leave you to get on with your Ascension work.”

Heather:  I BE eternal essence embodied absent limit and continue to BE of service to all embodiments of eternal essence ... and I DO BE of service to you as you choose in this NOW what you BE and DO what you BE.  I love you whatever choice you make.  With Absolute Gratitude, Love and Peace, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, eternal essence embodied absent limit and DO'ing.

“I am Ashtar.  Salut.”

“Via Kathryn May, April 1, 2013, 12 PM”

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