Monday, 8 April 2013


White Hats!! White Knights!! Dragons!! Who are they??? Why so much secrecy???  They all seem to support a REVALUED *GOLD* backed currency!! NEW government with a 14% tax on non essential items. This is all just a fresh coat of paint on the same old system!! Sure they will throw a few under the bus (Soros, LeGarde etc.) to make it look like a brand new system. A new pope that is going to make changes to the vatican!! What a laugh!! All religion must go!! Cannot fix this satanic pedophile cult!!! More SLAVERY is what you are looking at here.
 They wanted to access the ST Germain Trust but St Germain won't let them use is!! They do not have access to the collateral accounts either!!
 They actually called Heather last weelend & offered her a passport (which I understand they tried to buy her)
  The Indoniesia gets ahold of One Peoples Public Trust & offer the collateral account to the people (after the elitests are gone) like 6 million per person world wide.
 They have no *GOLD* to back their currency & this is why it hasn't happened already!!
 They might just try to do it & fall flat on their faces as they have nothing to back their currency!! One way or the other!! This is their last kick at the cat!!!
 They send out info about One Peoples Public Trust saying it is illuminati, MK ultra mind control etc. & everyone buys into it without checking it out.
 One Peoples Public Trust  has brought everything back to zero or prime which means NO GOVERNMENT, NO TAXES & THE ONLY LAW IS TO DO NO HARM!!!

Not asking anyone to believe me! It's just what i feel with MY heart!!


  1. You have said it well my friend ~ Time for the Truth and all to be revealed and these corrupt systems to be retired and removed forever from this realm! Thank you for making it clear!

  2. Thank you for your kind words my freind!! Much Love!!

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  4. I'm wondering if you would be willing to contact me regarding recent developments involving ITCCS, I am hoping that we can perhaps agree to disagree on a few things and then agree to agree on the rest. Thank you. Heather

  5. right well it sounds nice but you will find out real quick that we are not under a common law system when your in court and you get handed some years in a small room and you didnt hurt a single soul.