Friday, 13 December 2013


It's been awhile since I felt the urge to write anything & for the last couple weeks this one keeps coming up!! If you go back & look at some of my posts or have read them before, some of it will seem familiar. This is my perspective & I only write to see if it resonates with you. Not to try to change anyone's views.

So let's say in the beginning, Source (Eternal Essence)  wanted to experience ALL THAT IS but being the only ONE, pretty hard to experience very much let alone ALL THAT IS! So the decision was made for source to create aspects of self ( also Eternal Essence ). Creating mirror images of self that were no lessor or greater than source.   So that Source could experience ALL THAT IS through all these aspects of self. Now all Eternal Essence agreed to play a role to experience ALL THAT IS.  All Eternal Essence laid out their life plan (choosing everything they wanted to experience) & chose to experience their life plan unconsciously. Their intuition or soul (what ever term you like to use) knows the plan & when you surrender to your intuition things go just as you planned them. It does not matter which life plan it is, whether it is a homeless person, handicapped person, person starving in a third world country or  bankster etc. All Eternal Essence chose their experiences. THERE ARE NO VICTIMS as it was all free will choices even if we chose to experience it unconsciously.

 Many of us know by now that the whole 3D system has to go. It is far to broken & corrupted to repair. The way I see things unfolding, there will be a huge energetic event (which has been building for some time now. We know it is coming & when it happens & everyone remembers who they truly are (Aspects of Eternal Essence or Source) & how truly powerful we are. We will create anything we desire as long as it is for the good of all.

Now we know that our thoughts are energy & that our thoughts create our reality. This is how we were unknowingly controlled. (by our thoughts) (keeping everyone in fear). Why do they still control everything even if the truth is spilling out? There are many who aren't awakened yet which might be part of the reason. There are many who are awakened that will still view the world as screwed up or are fighting in court or still going down the rabbit hole. All the energy that goes to the old system keeps it going. All Eternal Essence know that it is over but the energy is still feeding the system to keep it going. It's not just because they don't want to give it up. We have to cut off the fuel so the fire will die out. Our energetic event will come a lot quicker if we shine the light that way instead of spending our energy on a broken system.

 On another note, when we want other Eternal Essence's held accountable. For what? For playing their role? We are all ONE & we are LOVE. Do we really want to lock up another aspect of our selves? Loving & forgiving them takes your power back pl;us the just might remember they are also Eternal Essence experiencing ALL THAT IS.

 Are you ready to Co-imagineer our ONEderful new FREEALITY??

 To borrow a phrase from our BEautiful Si*STAR* Sophia

 I F L A Y B B O L 



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  1. <3 yes yes yes <3 thank you for for putting it out so clearly again