Monday, 27 January 2014


                                                                " WHAT IS LEGAL "
 This is not the kind of thing I usually write about & only doing it for some that are unaware.
 This is my perspective of the LEGAL system & I AM sure that many will agree with me.

 There is only one that can create LAW & this is not a physical being, knowing this a LEGAL system of statutes & regulations known as Maritime Admiralty law was created as a control measure for the serfs. Not only is it a control measure but gives the system to get away with anything they want. All they have to say is " IT IS LEGAL " 
 It doesn't matter if it is a drone attack on an innocent country or destroying planet Earth! The mind controlled police can do anything the want. They poison our water with chemicals. Vaccinate our children to make them ill. All because the are protected by their LEGAL system.

 They call one of the creators herbs a drug & make it illegal to make money on it from fines & incarceration.  
 This system is a commercial system, meaning that it is all about money. As it is a commercial system, everything is done under uniform commercial code (UCC filings ) which is hidden from the serfs.  
 Being that this system is all about money, the judge in court is actually a banker! 
 Everything including most governments are PRIVATE CORPORATIONS for profit & not for the serfs best interest.

This system is not a LAWFUL system & is not a fair system either, it is all part of taking as much energy away from the serfs in any way possible.

 Having said that , the whole system was foreclosed on Dec 25th 2012 & is only a matter of time until it finishes crumbling. 


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