Monday, 24 February 2014

The EVENT is happening

 Many are unaware of some of the things that are taking place. ENERGETICLY much is happening!! I AM posting a few comments that were on Facebook without full names just to show what is coming.

 Last night before bed my Pineal Gland started Vibrating very strong. It is an interesting feeling to say the least. When I closed my eyes and focused on the vibration, I realized the vibration came with a high pitched noise. It then felt as if my energy body was being shook around like a few pennies in a coin jar, trying to get out. The sensation of everything dissolving and turning into vibration. I am nothing yet I am everything.
When I went to bed about an hour later, I started to daydream, as most of us do before we sleep. I was half awake, half asleep, and I was walking in a city with some friends, all of the sudden an invisible push came from behind us, it shot us up into the sky and we started to fly. Everything was shifting and moving so quickly we were being pushed forward by something. The building slowly started to change shape and form, (I could still see the bedroom I was laying in at the same time). I remember thinking to myself this is it, this is the shift we have been waiting for. The feeling of flying was extremely liberating and freeing. Then the buildings and everything dissipated and It was just me laying in bed again.
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  • JuThat is fantastic, keep up the concentration, if you ever come to a point where you sense (best description) white light raining or pouring over you, have the frame of mind to look up, keep looking up and you will/should see a globules cloud looking wh...See More
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  • BrWe are constantly being pushed and pulled. Enjoy the ride! It will get even better! 
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  •            Pa I used to have dreams where I flew above the globe, so I feel ya 
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  •            Be This happened to me several times last month in Costa Rica!!
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  •             Be Xoxo!!
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  •   Su fly beyond this corporeal world... to sweet silence home.. where all souls with SUPREME FATHER resides
  • Lis This is about the 6th message I have seen or received in the 24 hours like
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  • Be   
  • Br the event is getting ready to happen.
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  • Ja I had the same mental vibration last night, and it was strange. Please tell me how yours happened. How long did it last? Was it sudden or gradual? How did you come out of it feeling?
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  • Be James. I was just sitting on the bed and it hit me out of no where. It lasted about 15mins or so. It hit me all of the sudden...and gradually got less and less...but never really leaving.
  • Ja Kind of like a headache, but it didn't really hurt? For me it almost crippled all of my senses for a brief second. But I wasn't scared. All I could think was "where am I going"
  • Be No, If you have ever traveled out of body before you would possibly know what sensation I am speaking of.
  • Ja 4 times (that I can remember). But they never gave me a sensation like this. That's why I was so startled when it happened.
  • Tri amazing. I want to expirience that. can you guide me or help me reach that level of spirituality?
  • Iam  I felt the same thing yesterday. Felt almost like my ears needed to pop at first. Then a ringing sound immediately after that. That shot up in frequency very quickly. Then i felt pressure in the area of my pineal gland and my body began to vibrated. Th...See More
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  • Ju        it is about conscious awareness, in the mid-state of awake/asleep AP (astral project) is a very easy thing to do, the secret? first step is to be aware that it is possible, second step is to open your mind up to where you want to go, for...See More
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  • Tri         , I will try this technics. I have done somewhat the visual while laying or on a lotus flower posture but I seem not to be able to focus. I was w oundering if DMT can open my pineal gland to expirience this time travel.
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  • Be  You have all the DMT you need inside of your Pineal Gland.
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  • Ju   Very true Bethany Crawmer
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  • Be   I always liked Brainwave Binaural Beats, to help me relax and become more aware of my body when falling asleep. The trick is to keep your mind awake while your body falls asleep. That is one way to have Lucid Dreams!
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  • Ju             external use of DMT will lower your natural ability to produce it. use with caution, if used enough the only way to AP or even ever dream again will be though the use of external DMT. just the same as people who use Testosterone for mussel building, they use enough of it, often enough and their body stops producing it. so, just something to be aware of k.
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  • Tri           Since I have introduce Magnesium to my diet I have been dreaming more just cant remember when I wake jut that I did dream. I did have a vivid dream while ingesting ORMUS, that was awesome. I not only remember my dream I controlled it. I've never been a...See More
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  • Tri   think of that thank. I guess that will be something I dont try. I been searching for it for 2.5 years, maybe thats why I haven't been able to find it. Something was holding me back for a reason. Thank again Justin
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  • Ju         also another thing to do is  give yourself the best possible chance to have lucid dreaming, your pineal gland, will naturally become full and over flow (it does not release or empty) is on average around 12 to 2 am and the average time it takes to get to RIM is 2 hours, so the best time to get to sleep or start the AP/Sleep/ Lucid dream process is 10 pm. if you lay down and start that process then, then you will have a much higher likelihood of achieving your goal.
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  • Be I know Ju  have been "studying" about it for years. It is not so hard for us women. We are natural dreamers. 
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  • Ju  More so as information to all who read, not specifically to you, just said in response to your comment. _/\_
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  • To  I notice that when I lay down after 2am it either gets me to a lucid state quickly or seems to take hours!? I almost always have lucid dreams! Control varies! 

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