Sunday, 16 February 2014

What on Earth is going on with the weather?

So what is going on with the weather? By now most people are aware that global warming is a hoax! Many know that weather is manipulated & intensified by Haarp.

 Many of us know that when a movie about a catastrophic event is released. After millions of people watch it, it happens all of a sudden. I used to thing that some movies were prophesying until I found out the truth. The movies plant the seed of fear into our minds and it was our consciousness that created the catastrophe.

 We also know that mainstream media is a controlled entity. So is the WEATHERMAN not part of the mainstream media? They plant the seed (forecast) of an ice storm or snow storm etc. Most of us follow the weatherman & are probably the CREATORS of our weather without knowing it.

                                   LOL when I saw this picture I couldn't resist posting it!!

 So maybe we should all just keep giving Thanks for the beautiful clear sunny skies and the wonderful warm weather. I practice this myself as many times a day as I can.

 Thank you for the endless abundance, peace, prosperity and perfect heath for every being in the Universe and beyond!!!

                                                            I F L A Y B B O L

Pete Lysohirka

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