Monday, 4 February 2013

An Open Letter To All Of Humanity

An Open Letter To All Of Humanity

Before I start my letter to you all, I just would like everyone to set aside your beliefs, ego and just open your mind long enough to read this! What's it going to hurt to just read it.
The first thing I want to tell you is that I LOVE you no matter who you are! Every single one of you!!!
For a few thousand years now we have all been separated by religions, race, financial status etc. There has been a force out there doing this deliberately as they wanted control of all of humanity. They have done such a good job of it that most people that are unaware of it will actually fight to protect this system.
This system knew that if humanity knew how we are all connected that there would be no way that 1% of the population could control the other 99%.
We are all connected through our consciousness! This has been proven by science! Our thoughts are energy and if our emotions are low (negative) this is a fuel for the system of control.
The main control mechanism they use against us is fear as if they can keep most of the population fearful (bills, terrorism, poor health etc) then the thought frequencies are kept in the negative and the system thrives.
We were all created in the Creators image as “ONE” This is known as the
Law of ONE” (which was hidden from us) Also known as Oneness!!
What is happening right now is a mass awakening and it is happening because the people that have already awoken to this have gone into their HEARTS and raised their frequencies. Plus the fact that we are evolving along with Mother Earth!! We started moving through a more positive energy in space (started around 1975) which makes it seem like time is speeding up. When we reach a certain point in this positive (PURE LOVE) energy, we will have a mass awakening which will cause us to remember who we truly are. We are PURE LOVE!! Can you imagine being able to use the whole brain?   They thing is that we have to allow these energies to uplift us (all about FREEWILL).Now some people that are not aware of these energies and how they are affecting them, if they are not doing good in their lives these frequencies could cause them to go mad and some will even pass on!!
This positive frequency builds in the “COLLECTIVE CONCIOUSNESS” and as it builds it causes more people to awaken (start feeling good).
Many of us that have awakened and tried to awaken others have been shunned by our Loved ones, friends and a lot of society. Many that tried to bring the truth out were first charged with (bogus) charges (usually sexual in nature as we have all been conditioned to see these people as guilty) if these charges wouldn't work then they would be killed. Many lost their jobs , labelled as crazy and with no friends or family helping them have had a pretty rough go.
Very soon there is going to be a (GREAT)change world wide .
The process has already started and most of it is not reported on this side of the world as the media is controlled too!
The main reason that I AM writing this article is to let you all know is that no matter how us Wayshowers were treated, we still LOVE you and we are always going to be here for you when the time comes. We are all going to Co-create our Heaven on Earth!!
The second reason is to let you know that in these changes coming up there is nothing to fear!! Nothing can stop it!! It's going to be great!! Humanity will be FREE!!
We are actually FREE now if we claim our FREEDOM.


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