Thursday, 7 February 2013

Urgent!! Open Letter To Our Groups

Urgent!! Open Letter To Our Groups

Everything happens for a reason!! Sometimes some of these things are not things that we care for but there is a reason for them! The thing that happened to me that I didn't really care for as most of you know was losing my internet! Since I lost this it has given me more time for DO'ing!! EG: Reading the Disclosure 1111.1 document out loud quite a few times! Playing with “Gold”
Reading a few web pages that I had put aside which helped me in my Healing & growth!
I AM woken up in the early hours of the morning and I AM driven to write these letter that I have written! Again this morning another topic comes to me.
When I DO get a chance to hitch a ride to the coffee shop, I post my letters in my blog and share them in the groups and as many news outlets as I can. I also load up the computer with the news on our 3 main pages(RTS, AK & KP)!

Enough of that & we get to the topic that I AM driven to write about this morning. First I'll give a couple definitions of two words:

BE'ing to me would mean living in the “NOW”

DO'ing to me would mean “CREATING”

When we focus our thoughts on the “PAST” (government etc,) or on chem-trails all of the disinfo that is dished out. What DOes this “CREATE” ? ? More of the same and slows down change!!

I know it's all about FREEWILL and I AM not trying to say anyone has to DO anything!
Suggestions for DO'ing would BE:
  1. Sharing the OPPT documents with everyone we can!
  2. Reading the “Disclosure 1111.1” Doc. Out loud!
  3. Play with “Gold”!
  4. Sharing the “LOVE” (My favourite)
  5. Anything else that will raise the frequencies in our “Collective Consciousness)

BE the change you want to see!!
Unconditional LOVE! Peace & Happiness throughout our BEautiful new reality!!

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