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After listening to the show last night & reading a conversation on Skype this morning, I thought I would connect a few more DOTS! LOL

Here is a coversation between Jodie & Shawn from last night that totally resonates with me:

Just had a synchronistic conversation with Shawn C. just now.  She just got off work.  Okay, rather than retype this, I'm just gonna copy & paste it here.

 Jodie Newell: It started off with her having a deja vu moment, then at the 12:38 mark, I had an a-ha moment that r/t the walk-in info that Lisa shared from tonight's TCI show, which Shawn hadn't listened to yet.

 Shawn C.: I get that. So, I am having a major deja vu right now... anyway... that is what I was going to ask next.
 That sounds like a reasonable plan.

 Jodie Newell: cool - i love deja vu.  tell me about it

 Shawn C.: I was just watching the screen, anticipating a response and my eyes went out of focus. I had a woozy spin and the distinct feeling of being in this conversation, in this way, with you before. All familiar.

 Jodie Newell: Awesome!!!!  Totally understand

 Shawn C.: Cool stuff. Also, these last couple of days I can hardly keep my eyes open. I keep falling into a deep sleep!

 Jodie Newell: What's funny is I was literally getting ready to power down my computer when I saw your name pop up as having come online to skype.  And had this instant desire to say hey, and not just shut off my computer.

 Shawn C.: Sweet!

 Jodie Newell: Your body must be making attunements and adjustments.  easier to do when we are asleep. but could be many other things too

 Shawn C.: You know, I have been thinking about our last conversation and something keeps nudging me. I keep mulling over the idea that we create our own reality and right now it feels like something is missing.
 I agree. I actually think I am getting downloads.
 Plus I am having really long, vivid dreams.

 Jodie Newell: explain, please...."it feels like something is missing."

Shawn C.: Well, if just feels like I don't have all the data on the table.

 Jodie Newell: As I'm re-reading your words, I'm reminded of tonight's show.  They talk, at the end, about galactic portals or something and its happening between now and the end of the month.

 Shawn C.: At this moment for me it feels like one of those new age-y things I have heard 100 times and just accepted it as fact.
 Portals... are you referring to my sleeping/downloads?

 Jodie Newell: Plus I am having really long, vivid too.  and rarely do they have a jumbled feelign to them.  they mostly feel like real life events but with diff characters or diff events

 Shawn C.: yes

Jodie Newell: know, I don't know exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned the portals.  I was reading something of what you had written and it jumped in my mind and I remembered how you said, at first, that you might listen to tonight's show.
 so I decided i had to mention it, right now.

 Shawn C.: haha! awesome.
 I feel like we have had this conversation before!
Anyway, I have been asking for more data with regard to creating my own reality.

 Jodie Newell: it just occurred to me, maybe we are changing our past and futures with this conversation.

Shawn C.: Wow.

 Jodie Newell: Okay, seeing your reaction....I think we are doing exactly that.  Like that's part of the data....okay, I was typing something else entirely, when the words, "part of the data" instantly came to mind and I typed that instead.

 Shawn C.: hahaha

Jodie Newell: Ooohhhh, okay, something else just came to me....
 about the portal thing
 apparently, during this time, you can dream anything you want into reality.  its like the more time you spend, during this portal time, on imagineering your future and exactly what you want, the energies will make it happen more than at any other time.

 Shawn C.: that's fantastic and almost frightening because i feel like i need to monitor my thoughts
: me too!  felt that way since July 1.

 Jodie Newell: I find myself being so conscious of what i'm thinking, and asking myself, do i really want that reality?

Shawn C.: yep.
 and i caught myself feeling really down today
 because sometimes it seems like its out of my reach
 then i mull over the so called mistakes
 I have been writing stuff down though... how I'd like my life to look and feel

 Jodie Newell: ya, great!
 so when i heard tonight's show and the info on portals and how the energies right now are so potent, that I got excited and thought, 'alright, now I can really just forget about the past and just think about and imagine exactly what I want my life to be NOW'

 Shawn C.: Hey so when you are being conscious of what you are thinking and you're out in public, do you notice how other people speak their world?

 Jodie Newell: i felt like, I want to write some stuff down!

 Shawn C.: me too. i really notice it at the pub.

Jodie Newell: its easier for me to see in others,
 but i feel excited that i can catch myself so quickly now

 Shawn C.: yes, but then i really watch myself

 Jodie Newell: I think that's exactly where we are headed.  because we are realizing how powerful we are
 OUR THOUGHTS ARE CREATED, how powerful is that!

 Shawn C.: i agree. i totally agree.
 i am still wondering when other folks around me are going to catch on

Jodie Newell: Soon, we'll go from catching ourselves from recreating the past, to being so invigorated with each thought and thrilled about its creation

 Shawn C.: that sounds so amazing.

Jodie Newell: i am still wondering when other folks around me are going to catch onI stopped thinking about this sometime last year.  Because I KNEW that each persons' higher self was guiding them, so they will get there and catch on exactly at the right moment, which is how it happened for you and me.  :)
 So then I went about just focusing on listening to my higher self and feeling like I was in a race, so to speak, with myself to get so in tune with my higher self until it was literally the thoughts in my head and not something I had to ask assistance from.

 Shawn C.: that makes perfect sense. i guess that is another thing i am learning, it's part of being externally motivated and looking for results or proof or agreement

 Jodie Newell: totally understand.  no judgment, just be excited for where you are and how far you've come!

 Shawn C: that's interesting that you say that because just tonight i was just thinking how i have stopped asking for guidance or assistance from something like a guide or whomever.

Jodie Newell: omg....
 so on the show tonight, lisa was talking abou[12:40:07 AM] Jodie Newell: and just now, as we talk about this...i..
 and just now, as we talk about this...i'm reminded that what i did last year was I invited my higher self to incarnate, right now, in my body.  So that it wasn't something above me but actually was me.
 and i'm reminded that, what lisa explained as the walk-ins, now, is exactly that.  that the person's higher self or a higher aspect of themselves is 'walking in' and this is part of the reconciliation and accounting of the soul
 when i listened to the.. show, i never connected the two ideas.....

 Shawn C.: i totally get that. once i learned about the 'divines' via heather i stopped asking anything of anyone except my higher self

 Jodie Newell: but, i'm thinking that what I did last year, was something that is being done by everyone NOW.

 Shawn C.: i feel what you are saying

 Jodie Newell: i've heard of walk-ins and the explanation that lisa gave was a little diff than what i've heard.  so , just this moment, as we talked about it, it seems to sink in.  when i listend to the show, what she said resonated with me.
 i'm thinking now, that this is the soul's accounting.....and we all do this, or it will happen to everyone whether you asked it consciously or not.

 Shawn C.: i feel like i went through a huge portion of that in january and feb. not saying it's all done but i felt it then

 Jodie Newell: wow, i feel totally invigorated by this sudden awareness.

 Shawn C.: now that you say that though, i have noticed that people from my past have been coming into my awareness these last few days

 Jodie Newell: ya, so you felt it in jan-feb
 and what does that mean to you?

 Shawn C.: and i have been processing the emotions connected to their memory

 Jodie Newell: ahhhh, like reconciling the past!!!

 Shawn C.: yes!

 Jodie Newell: When we finished the conversation, just now, I felt nudged to post about it in this room.  (sun)
 I felt like I had put two and two together.  Felt like an important realization, for something has shifted.

One  thing that was mentioned on the show were that walkins are not nessesarily other souls entering someones physicality
but their own higher self merging & guiding the being through the life plan they made for themselves when they chose to come here for the experience. Many of these beings are reconciling their past, whether they come to the light or any other choice they make by their own freewill.

 Another thing is that changes are occuring externaly from many having huge changes within! Be the change you want to see.

 Big energetic event coming towards the end of the month. Portals opening up between now & the end of the month
! Have a listen to the show & you might pick up some more DOTS!!

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