Friday, 5 July 2013


(heart) IFLAYBOL (heart) Fianally rested up after the trip home (chuckle)  Had a great trip & want to thank all for the help & support to make it all possible!! You are all so amazing my Sisters & Brothers (inlove) Was a long drive to get there and managed to visit one of my brothers for 2 hours before he went to work (about half way to my destination) I got to Leaf Rapids around midnight that Sunday night, my grandchildren were so happy to see me as was I (sun) This was my first time meeting 16 month old Cassidy & she made strange at first but after a couple days of being patient & playing peek a boo she came around. (heart) Monday morning I went to visit the service station that me & my ex partner had started back in the late 80 s as my son & his family was still sleeping. I came back to the house around noon & everyone was up. PJ (my son) told me that Natasha had woke up first & he said she just started bawling GRAMPA IS GONE!!! Poor girl went to check the room where I slept, but we all had a good laugh about it after. My ex partner asked me if I could give him a hand in the shop for a couple days & he would pay me. So I did & got to see quite a few people that I hadnt seen for a couple years. Brought awareness of the changes comming to a few people as it just flows out of my big mouth (chuckle)

 Never had much chance to go online as I had to go sit outside the bar & load up a couple pages to read later, never had access to a phone either so it was kind of good in a way but sure missed you all too :( But I also knew you were with me energeticly (inlove) Took the grands for a beautiful walk on a nature trail to a natural rock garden & took a few pictures.

A female spruce hen took after P.J. to protect her two little chicks, so the called me over to see if she would let me take a couple pictures & she did. If you look just above her & to the left you might be able to see her little ones. When we were leaving we thanked her for letting us take the pictures. So beautiful once we come back to nature where we are on e with all that is!

 Also took a bunch of pictures the young atrists in town had painted on some big rocks placed around the town of Leaf Rapids.

 I was there for a total of a week & on the last day we were packing the van up & doing some visiting playing with the grands & their cousins, we we finally ready to leave at 8:45 Sunday night. We drove all night straight through as it gave the children a pretty good rest all the way here & never heard *are we there yet* too many times (chuckle) Much LOVE & LIGHT to you all

Pete Lysohirka

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