Friday, 19 July 2013

Kiri from New Zealand deposits 15 Million of her value into her bank account!!

WOW is the first thing I will say! I just finished watching this & tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks. Kiri is a trail blazer! It all started because they tried to take one of her children away! She was going against the system on her own & only found out about the One People & what was done a little over a month ago. 

 She did her own documents & took them to the bank & deposited 15 MILLION units in her bank account.
 There is a 3 day period where you can change your mind & do a correction. They didn't even wait 3 days & arrested her from her vehicle & these police left her children in her vehicle!!! charged her with fraud. The fraud is actually the negotiable instrument that the banks use every day. LOL

 They only gave her 2 business days to get ready for court  when normaly they would give at least two weeks. Heather is doing up 4 documents for Kiri to take to court with her.

 The system is so done & they are scrambling! The system is showing their true colors!

 Kiri has no fear at all & is so IMPOWERED! I LOVE YOU MY SISTER KIRI!!!

Pete Lysohirka


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