Wednesday, 22 May 2013


A very dear friend inspired me to do a little post as she said this morning "I'm want to eventually work  on my spiritual side too!"

 I will attempt to give a little insight to my understanding of this thing we call spirituality or enlightenment.

 One of the first things to understand is that no matter where you are on this amazing journey, you are right where you supposed to be. 

 Second thing to understand is that EVERYTHING is ENERGY!! Plus EVERYTHING has CONCIOUSNESS & MEMORY!! This means trees, rocks, water, animals, us... EVERYTHING!!

 We are Multidimensional spiritual BEings having a physical experience (Meatsuit as D would say) We are very powerful too but have been lead to believe we are not!

 We were all created in the image of the Creator as ONE! Meaning not only that we are all equal but are all aspects of each other (we all mirror each other) so what you see in another, you are actually recognizing that in yourself! We are CREATORS & we create through our thoughts! Everything we need is within us & we do not have to look for change externaly! It all starts within! Be the change you want to see!! Once we change inside then the outside changes along with us!! SOURCE is within & we just have to quiet the mind & listen to our source self (higher self, intuition)

 Even our thoughts are energy & we were controled by keeping us in FEAR (false evidence appearing real) There are two basic emotions LOVE & FEAR and all others are a byproduct of the two basic ones. So we leave behind all the fear based ones & all that remains is LOVE which is what we are!! Instead of our (Monkey) mind controling us! Time for us to get in the drivers seat & control the mind (quiet the mind)
We are all connected through the collective conciousness! This was hidden from us. We were seperated from our source self & we have to reconnect to become whole again.

 One must LOVE EVERYONE & EVERYTHING unconditionally! The act of forgiveness is the BEST healing tool!! We do not have to physicaly go and forgive them but just do it in our thoughts! DO it with feeling & meaning! By not forgiving you are not hurting them, you are hurting yourself! We can not truly LOVE anyone else until we LOVE ourselves first!! Go to the mirror look yourself in the mirror (EYE TO EYE CONTACT) & TELL YOURSELF I LOVE YOU & HOLD THE EYE CONTACT, KEEP REPEATING I LOVE YOU & FEEL IT!!

 Learn to let go of the past as it does not serve you (can't change it) You will always have memories! Don't worry about the future as it isn't here yet! LIVE IN THE NOW!!
 Surrender to your source self & once you do this you will be guided in the right direction.

 Learn not to judge others as they are aspects of self!
Gratitude is also KEY!! No matter what happens in our lives whether it's a good thing or not! These are ALL LIFE LESSONS!! Give thanks for ALL!
Even if you happen to do something silly like hitting your thumb with a hammer! Give thanks for the experience!! Amazing how things change when we do this!! Even when something starts to hurt (like the thumb) When we give thanks for the experiece (DON'T EVEN THINK OF THE PAIN AS THIS IS ALLOWING THE PAIN TO CONTINUE) & let it go!

 There is no certain way to do this as there is freewill & higher guidance!
 The main thing that I do is just BE & allow great things unfold!

 This is just some of my ideas & not meant as things anyone has to do! I just hope it helps some just starting out to have a little awareness!!

Pete Lysohirka 

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