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 WOW what a ride this is & it just gets more amazing all the time. This morning started out as usual for me, reading many comments on Skype, Facebook & checking e-mails. Then at 11:55 am my time Vera posted this: If anyone would like to help with say $5 to help Bob get a plane ticket to Morocco. This is his PayPal account . With the absolute medi tech I am discovering here, I would like to work with him to get him to the stage of walking again.
 Vera had also stated that Bob was going to actually try to sell one of his wheel chairs to enable him to go.

  I had picked up that Bob was disabled along this journey but never pryed for the details. Knowing of our awesome potential to heal, I knew that if we could get Bob to Morocco that he would walk again. Well what happened next was almost unbelievable but when we truly remember who we are then everything becomes believable! I won't mention any names as I never asked permission. Most know who they are anyway. I sent the little I could & could actually feel it emotionaly when Bob accepted it through Paypal! I immediatly checked my e-mail & sure enough he had just accepted it. A few of us shared Vera's message on a few facebook groups etc.

 Anyway within 2 hours we had collected more than enough for him to fly there as one Angel had sent Bob the complete amount he needed! WOW talk about instant manifesting. I was flooded with joy & the tears were rolling for quite awhile and even as I write this the feelings are coming out yet!! I LOVE IT!!

 After we knew we had enough we had to go back & let people know!

  The next thing I did was send this message to Vera: WOW!! This is so BEautiful how this came together so fast!! Love it & I know that between you , Bob & the rest of the crew in Morocco are going to create what we once would have thought a miracle!! Love you very much Vera

 Well what happened next was another WOW moment for me, I was expecting a reply text from Vera & all of a sudden my Skype was ringing. My grand daughter usually calls me a couple times a day on Skype so I naturaly thought it was her & as I'm answering it I saw OMG it's Vera. What a BEautiful surprise & it didn't stop there as I could hear almost all the ground crew that was in Morocco greeting me!! You want to talk about expansion!!  They all gave me a huge compliment & I AM sure glad my ego is under control!! LOL,  Enough said.

  We had a great talk  & talked about a little of everything that was going on. I told them that there are a few people asking for transparency about what is happening there in Morocco. I myself have a knowing that everything is happeneng just as it should & just allow it!

 Vera told me that when they look at what Caleb , Mark & Bill are doing it doesn't make sense to the others as they are not computer geeks. So it is pointless to give an update on that as most of us will only understand the finished product! ( If that, LOL )

  The work the rest of them are doing, there is no way to put into words what is being done or happening!! They are doing lots of healing as you can see in Lisa's Blog post that I shared below this!! 

 They also told me to say that they are being as transparent as they can & the best we can all do  is just  to keep Co-imagineering our new ONE-derful FREEALITY!!! 

Pete Lysohirka

Journey to Morocco – part 2

Posted on 27. May, 2013 by Lisa M. Harrison in Lisa's Blog, Posts
As I sit here with my computer in my lap it feels like I am attempting to explain the unexplainable, verbalize that for which there are just no words. ALL words feel inadequate today. Bring on telepathy so you can feel, see and know what is within me to share. Oh well, not just now it seems….
Today is Friday 24th May, I have been in Morocco for 1 week but it feels like many already. Heather laughed when I said that, ‘that’s just what a host loves to hear’…..hehe. It is just that so much has been happening. To an observer it may just seem like chaos, kids everywhere and floating conversations, but for those of us here and in the middle of this, it is non stop and multi dimensional.
I feel like I have been swimming in a thick energy soup since arriving, not in a negative way, almost as if there is SO much energy being created and flying around us all that it lays like a blanket over me. Today I woke up however and it was gone. I feel energized, activated and motivated.
Our group has grown and will continue to grow over the coming days. We now have Heather and her husband, D and her husband, Mark, Caleb, Bill, Vera, Sue, Muxi and myself, plus a gaggle of 9 kids all under 13 (the neighbours kids are starting to join in to so I am not sure what the final count is). Brian is due to join us in a few days and perhaps one or 2 others that have felt the call. Each time someone new shows up the energy changes and expands, and it is fascinating to watch.
Monday morning I awoke into an energy bubble that I could see and feel all around me. It took me a few hours to realise what it was, and when it did, the excitement really kicked in. It was the energy created by the announcement that we were all here together in Morocco. As more and more people throughout the day connected with us, this energy bubble grew exponentially. What a wonderful rush…..
I can feel so many people here with us now, even though they may not be here in body, their energy bodies are here….. so many of you.
I had 2 healings with Vera when I was in the moment of dealing with more energy than my body could handle, at least that’s what it felt like. It seems as if I am clearing old programming and beliefs that no longer serve me at lightening speed.
I had a realization on Tuesday morning that as I, and everyone else here, clear old, unwanted programs we’re collectively opening a window for everyone, everywhere, who resonates with that frequency to do the same.
We are a microcosm representing the macrocosm, but more than that, each and every embodiment on the planet right now is doing the same. We are all healing and clearing with and for each other.
For a week now I have been living more deliberately, more consciously in every moment than I think I ever have. I am aware of every sensation, every interaction, every memory. I sense the same happening with my Moroccan mates; the results of which are amazing, not just for me but for everyone involved.
AND then came the release.
It started with Vera and me, and it was contagious. For hours all we did was laugh. My muscles throbbed. Even my lungs ached as laughter became uncontrollable ecstasy; an ecstatic release of energy. For whatever reason this all happened just a few hours prior to the Collective Imagination Show, and right on through the end.
To be completely honest with you I have no idea what I said on last week’s The Collective Imagination Show. I was so in the moment and caught up in the ongoing, joyful release that the whole thing is a blur. The next morning I felt quite vulnerable as if I’d laid my soul out bare. Then I thought, “It is the absolute plan in action,” and let go… trusting all would be well.
  Heather’s Terrace, Morocco – May 22, 2013

  Here I am (center) with D (left), and Vera Payne (right) doing The Collective Imagination Show live.
(click image for larger view)  
The responses I received about the show have been wonderful. The energy liberation seems to have been far and wide, as well, along with the giggles.
I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you who have sent me messages about the show and it’s positive effect on you. Thank you so much.
I am boots on the ground in Morocco having followed the vibrational trail here. I will continue to be guided by its frequency to see how all of this plays out, to experience what we have collectively conceived.
Now is the time to IMAGINE, and DO as you dream……. Much Love from Morocco.
In Lak’esh

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