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This week's Astrology with Laura Eisenhower (5/13/13)

I feel this is very important info in this moment of *NOW*
This week's Astrology with Laura Eisenhower

"This week things are building up for the next big Pluto-Uranus square, on May 20th. This week it should be very clear how we relate to Pluto and Uranus, since the Sun, Mercury and Venus all step into Pluto-Uranus territory. These planets bring on great leaps in our evolution and in our ability to expand our consciousness and with all the eclipse activity, it will have a huge impact on our lives and the way we effect the collective, so it is really important to stay conscious so that we can direct these energies in the best way possible.

Mercury represents our mental mind, thinking patterns, ways of communicating, and even short-distance travel. As Mercury aspects both Pluto and Uranus on Monday, we can observe how our perceptions are being challenged and upgraded. If we stay open, we can take our minds into new territory, so we don't feel as if we are endlessly spinning around the same places in our heads. If we have resistances and are rigid or fixed in our thoughts and beliefs, we may experience this as nervous energy and feel more irritable and defensive than usual. To work with this energy instead of against it, we can challenge ourselves to think in new ways and we can work on being willing to see with new eyes, rather than holding on to a thought or pattern that keeps us stuck in the past or immersed in any projections or fears we have put upon something. We can also make a real effort not to jump to conclusions, but to give ourselves the time and space to process information before making decisions.

Mercury will be entering Gemini on Wednesday, which might just be the kick we need to move our mental energy forward with perhaps some new breakthroughs or insights that lift us out of any stagnation or mental thoughts that lead to depression. Also, the Sun interacts with Pluto and Uranus on Thursday, bringing themes of change and renewal to our concepts of self and purpose. The energy may cause us to feel more resistance if we have a strong ego attachment to having things go the way we had planned.

We can work with this energy by being open and flexible and being willing to detach a bit from our habitual ways of functioning. With the Sun still in stubborn Taurus, this may be a challenge, but we can allow ourselves to align with the aspects of Taurus that assist us in feeling secure and safe amidst change and we can focus on our love of beauty like in nature or in love, to ease any tensions or discomfort.


If the energy is just too much on Thursday or throughout the week, make sure to find the time to get out of the house, out of the office, and out into nature to reconnect with our true self. Taking the time to relax and listen to good music or get involved in something that will feel inspiring or like a breath of fresh air, will really help us to get in touch with the things that lift our spirits and make us smile. It is important to continue to remind ourselves, that all is good, if we take the time to empower that and focus on the aspects of life that make us feel good and that lead to our creating better health, balance and inner-peace.

On Saturday, Venus enters the Pluto-Uranus field, but not in quite the same way as the Sun and Mercury, which were both in challenging aspect to Pluto and Uranus. Venus is actually in helpful aspect to Uranus, although still in a somewhat challenging aspect to Pluto.

Venus represents our relationships with others and how we handle things related to our possessions or our own self-love and worth. With Uranus sextile Venus, we are able to be more flexible in our relationships and more able to give ourselves and others the space and independence needed without it turning into misunderstanding or crisis. There may also be a strong ability to share that independence with others on a level of friendship and understanding, making it easy to be around others.

With Venus in Gemini being affected by Pluto, part of what may be required is to use our communication skills in new ways. Instead of sharing a lot of advice or opinions that rub people the wrong way, we could make the effort to renovate our communication style, and listen to the ideas and thoughts of others without overpowering them with our view point - this way more cooperation and harmony can be established, rather than conflict or pushing others away because we are only out for ourselves.

Neptune is another repeating influence this week. We have a Neptune-Venus square on Monday and a Neptune-Mercury square on Saturday. As each of the personal planets moves into Gemini, they will one-by-one create a square aspect with Neptune in Pisces. These aspects involving Neptune can make things seem a bit unclear and elusive, like we're trying to see through the fog or the illusion. Or, we may assume we've seen something clearly, when we really haven't.

Because of this, it may be a good idea to delay making important decisions. At the same time, because Neptune can enhance our intuition and imagination, it would be a very good idea to write down the ideas and insights that come our way and then just wait till the fog clears before we move in any direction or go along with something on offer or decisions that we are feeling pressured to make. By next week, things should be much more clear."

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