Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Patience is one off the best qualities we can have & very many people want to find out who they really are right away. So someone comes along & says I can give you a reading & tell you about your past lives ect..

 Why do we have to look externally for this instead of waiting as everything we want to know is within! Are you really going to trust someone just coming on the scene to tell you who you are?   Is this someone you trust? Is there a chance while he/she is conversing with you that they can slip in a program without you even knowing that could change your whole direction (pull you away from a wonderful group)

 I'm not saying anything about anyone in particular or judging anyone. It's just that I have seen so many people within the last year or so change direction for one reason or other.

 Last year I was aware of a few people going to do an activation on 12/12/12 & I thought well I'll give it a shot too! I sat quietly in my meditation position and turned on the audio. About 10 minutes into it I was interupted & never went back to it as to me this was a sign that it was not right for me! I totally trust my intuition (higher self). 

 Within a few days I noticed that most of these people that did the activation were doing a complete turn around not only in some of their beliefs but moods changing. Some were getting paranoid or angry.

 I just LOVE everyone so much & would like everyone to double check make sure the things you are choosing are for your higher good!!

 Let's not forget there is still a posibility for negative entities out there that can control us if we give them permission. We are playing out the finalle & they could try anything & everything!!

 I know everyone has there own path & their own life lessons! All about freewill but lets just try & make the right choices for our higher good!! 

 I AM not trying to instill fear in anyone just trying to bring awareness!!

 We can also ask our guides for protection before we interact with someone we are opening up everything too!!



  1. Such a timely post ! sharing for all to read. thank you

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