Friday, 7 June 2013


Going to explain in my words, what my perseption of what is going on in Morroco & The Sahara! Muxi had a call (recorded) with a few people & explained what is going on. The reason that there have not really been any updates from Morroco is not because they are not being transparent. It is because it is very hard to put into words what they are doing & creating.
 They are creating energy vortex & portals to raise the vibrational frequencies for the shift! We can assist in this by raising our vibrational frequencies !! WE ARE AT THE TIPPING POINT OF THE RIDE !!! THE ROLLER COASTER IS CRESTING THE TOP OF THE RAIL & WE ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A HUGE MASS AWAKENING!!!!! So again you might want to fasten your seat belts OR be like me & WAX YOU BOARD & enjoy the ride!!!

 The PTW has always wanted us to keep focusing on the MONEY & by doing this we would keep the old system alive longer even though it is crumbling quicker & quicker.

 I myself don't worry about anything whether it is Project XIII or the I-UV or the old system!! I just LET GO of everything & trust that the ABSOLUTE PLAN that we all made is all unfolding & we can bring it about quicker by just BEing who we really are (free) & DOing (CO-CREATING OUR HEAVEN ON EARTH)

 When we all volunteered to come here to experience this duality we all made a plan for this time. We don't remember it right now but our eternal heart (higher self) which ever name you want to give it KNOWS! This is why we say just LET GO & TRUST knowing that your eternal heart has made these plans & that everything is going to be GREAT!!

 Every contract that we agreed to whether it has fine print or not was disolved on Dec 21, 2012 so we don't have to worry about  doing this as it is DONE!!! There are beings out there that try to get you to do this & the way it is worded you are actually agreeing to the slavery system again. The wording usually starts with a negative (which the universe does not hear) So if you say I DO NOT CONSENT , you are actually consenting. There is no need to do any of it as it is done already on Dec 21/ 2012 There is nothing to do but just CO-IMAGINEER OUR ONE-DERFUL NEW FREEALITY!!!!!
 The main thing is to trust in your Higher self , guides, source self , God what ever name you pick as THAT IS SELF!! HOW GREAT THOU ARE!!!

I borrowed this & putting it in my post here:
Much Honour, Respect to Each and Everyone of you.We are each an aspect of the Creator at this time.  As such, by the nature of our individual frequency of our birth date, birth name and birth place hold a specific frequency.  Yes, it has been tempered by the experiences for the Creator.  At this time, the Earth is throwing off the chains of enslavement, as a much loved Be'ing.  Please can we assist Her?  Please turn the ernergy that you are projecting into the ground, giving it to the Earth, ALL that She has given us with Love.  Ground the ernergy to Give Life to the Birthing of Her Consciouness.  Charge the Energy lines of the Earth to asisst in throwing off the Chains of Enslavement.  Look Within.  Project within.  Ground Within.  Allow Within.  Each breath that we take connects us ALL.  ALL it takes is a thought.  On June 21st 2013, 10 o'clck at any place, no matter where you BE, Please focus your energy within, grounding it through your body to the Earth, deep within the Earth.  Feel the the Earth.  It need to be only a thought or 5 minutues

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