Tuesday, 11 June 2013


 We were all created in the image of the Creator or Source or which every name you choose to use for the ONE that is ALL THAT IS! Source created all the BEauty that surrounds us EVERYWHERE to IFINITY!! The only way to define Source would be LOVE which is Eternal Essense!! Being created in the Creator's image as ONE then we would all be the same as Source (no greater, no lesser) We are Eternal Essence Emdodied Absent Limits!!  The only limits we have are the limits we put on ourseves by either thinking we are not absent limits or by letting someone else tell us what to DO & who to BE!

  We can all create just as the Creator has & does, meaning we are all ABSENT LIMITS! This is the way we were created & we all have FREEWILL to do ANYTHING we choose as long as we do no harm! Anything you can imagine you can achieve! You have the POWER!! 

  We DO NOT need permission to do anything that we would want to DO!! Can't you just imagine the possibilities!! Free to go anywhere & DO anything we desire as long as we DO no harm!! Free to create anything we desire!! WE HAVE THE POWER!!! What DO you want to create in your life? You can manifest anything you desire!! Borrowing a little something from our Sis Sue: Imagine it... BE it... SEE it... YOU know that anything is possible... Put it out there and see what happens..

 I have been in Morocco energeticly working with the Bridge Crew & now manifesting for the Physical Reality!
 I  see myself in Morocco having so much funn & working with our amazing Bridge Crew!!

 What are your dreams? Don't wish or pray for them!! Make them happen!! You don't have to ask permission!! Nike it * JUST DO IT* 
                                YOU ARE ETERNAL ESSENSE ABSENT LIMITS!!   


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