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 I just want to share some of my experiences with you all & not saying these are things anyone else has to do! Having said that there might be something useful to someone out there! I would also suggest reading my previous two posts as Sue, who was in Morocco said to me  " YOU GET IT"
 Now this is nothing about ego as I would like everyone to get it too!! & everyone will get it in their own time!!
 Up until Jan 3rd 2013 I like most people was following the revaluation of currencies in 194 countries! Which still cosisted of MORE government & a CONSTITUTION & a 14 % tax on nonessential items! At one point last fall everyone was waiting for something big to happen & we were all getting very excited doing the big countdown!! Well needless to say NOTHING happened & I was floored!! Had a very rough day that day! This was the very last time I have had any expectation of anything happening! Now I learned from that to just allow things to flow without expectation & things changed overnight for me. 

  Then I listened to an interview that Brian Kelly did with Poof (which he had to pull as it wasn't supposed to be posted! Brian was working with American Kabuki & the very next conversation he had was with Heather of the One People's Public Trust! When I listened to it I knew right away that this was something BIG! Then when they released the Disclosure 1111.1 Document a short time later & tried to understand with my logical mind, it didn't click but at the bottom Heather had a note saying to read it again OUT LOUD & feel it with the HEART! When I read it out loud, I did feel it & this was a very emotional thing that happened to me! I cried tears of joy by the time I read the words  * SO IT IS DONE*

 There have been some naysayers out there & at first I had started to read some & didn't have to read far as it was evident that they were trying to discredit OPPT without even reading the documents or any investigation. It showed up right away without even reading the whole article. So I don't waste my energy there!

 Some have even tried to discredit it by calling it a cult!! So if it is a cult what is it that we worship??? We were all created in the image of the Creator as ONE! We are all equal even with the Creator!! There is nothing to worship as we are LOVE & all we have to do is LOVE everyone & everything UNCONDITIONALY!!

 Since then OPPT transitioned to One People & I have followed very  closely what has been happening!! I knew as soon as I read that document that this was a gift from our Creator! I have never had any questions as I have a knowing that everything is unfolding just as it is meant to be! Even if there are dates mentioned I do not get upset as I never had expectations!

                               WHAT DOES THE One People BRING US??
 No more government as we will govern ourselves! No more taxes! No more licences or permits!
 True FREEDOM for those that choose to be free!! All our value that was stolen from us is being returned !! & so much more!!!!

 I myself don't go any farther down the rabbit hole as all ABSOLUTE DATA will be avaiable when our energetic event (MASS AWAKENING)  happens!!

 I don't put any energy into the old system! I also don't participate in petitions as this is like asking perrmission for something!!  I just imagine what I want to create (HEAVEN ON EARTH)

 It was mentioned by Mark that Caleb should have have Project XIII up & running by July 1st
 Just allow it to happen without expectation!

 It was also mentioned on the show last night that Heather was going to work on our access to value!!

  Published on Jun 2, 2013

Once these fractal patterns of sound interact with your DNA, resonance is established. And once resonance is established, any scalar emitting patterns of Oneness from other humans will move you into coherence, which means whether you're ready or not you will be sending the patterns of harmony out into the world.

Grace Space has three layers of balancing woven together. The first layer is the music, which soothes the conscious mind, keeping it from interfering with the bicameral balancing of the brain. The second layer is the isochronic solfeggio effect, used to move the brain into synchronicity, which in turn allows repatterning of a harmonious nature. The third layer is the words. Russian research in quantum physics has shown that words themselves can alter DNA, not unlike the Emoto work with words altering the patterning of water into ice crystals.



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