Friday, 4 January 2013

About This Blog

This blog has been created for the people residing in the region surrounding Saskatoon, Canada, who are interested in freeing themselves from the powers that were and old systems that enslave the people.

By living in proximity of one another, we can meet in person and in groups to develop ideas and actions that will help us free ourselves and the people.

This blog is dedicated to the people working diligently behind the scenes to bring peace, prosperity, and the truth to humanity.

In particular, we would like to thank D from and Heather from


  1. Thank you for the energy you are putting into this blog. I seem to be having difficulty posting comments - one worked and the others haven't, so I'm sending my thoughts again.

    Your latest post on the Canadian court case is really big news. It's strong evidence that the old paradigms as we've known them for eons of time are beginning to crumble. Hellalujah, I say! My only suggestion would be to include at the top of each article the source and/or any quotations by other bloggers so that the readers have a reference.

    Are there any meetups/forums yet in SK area regarding OPPT? I'm very excited but feeling on my own and out on a limb as I observe the global progress being made. I want to DO more, not just wait and watch.

    In appreciation
    Shanomi Murray

  2. Hi Shanomi,
    As you can probably tell this is my first blog! LOL
    There is all kinds of info about the canadian court case @ Kevin Annetts website.
    One of the crappy things about BEing a Wayshower/Lightworker
    Is that we are spread out all over the world. I DO go to meetings about every two weeks. Most of the people (usually 6 or 7 ) there are going the soverign route and the one fella feels that he wants rock solid proof about OPPT and the powers that were BEing foreclosed on. I know myself that it is so!
    I know of one other person here in Saskatoon (Kevin) that I have talked to on Skype but have yet to meet up for coffee. There is also a Lady (Deb) around the Lumsden area and here Daughter (Erin). Sometimes for some of us it's a little harder to meet up because of financial issues.
    One of the best ways that I have found is like Heather suggested by BEing & DOing is spreading the word about OPPT any way we can. Plus read the two documents out loud which puts the energy into the collective concoiusness this is helping bring awareness too as our thoughts sometimes come from the collective too!
    At present I don't even have internet so I have to go to a coffee shop to go online but hope to get connected this week.
    Here are the two links for the documents:

    Also at the bottom of D's Removing The shackles page here is a transcript of the radio show discussing OPPT and sounds very exciting.
    Not sure if you got mu last message about the Remove the Shackles Skype chat room or not. Amazing energy in there and lots of info too! You can either get D to add you by sending her an e-mail to or you can add me and I can get you in there too! My id is

    You can communicate with me through e-mail if you like
    Peace! Love & Light! Namaste!