Monday, 28 January 2013

Reflections of an Wayshower / Lightworker

Reflections of a Wayshower / Lightworker
Before I start I feel the need to clarify that we are all Wayshower / Lightworkers!!

  Looking back to when I first started joining these groups we belong to, at first I was kind of frustrated. This frustration came because I was aware of our thoughts being energy and that we create our reality with our thoughts. What I saw in the groups was so many people were in my eyes wasting their time & energy on all the things politicians did in the past, chem-trails etc. I myself had totally surrendered about a year prior to this,which is the most peaceful thing anyone can ever gift themselves with. I had let everything go that did not serve me and just live in the NOW! BEing frustrated I started writing a post to try to change the direction of the groups to co-create our new reality.
At this time is was talking to a very dear Angel ((Debbie)) who has helped me so much in my spiritual growth.
Within our conversation she asked me what I was up to. I told her that I was writing a post to try to change the focus of our groups to creating our new reality instead of the energy Being sucked back to support the old reality as it just helps to perpetuate it and change takes longer.
She told me that was not my mission and that my mission was to inspire people in the groups by sharing the LOVE and focusing on the positive. I had one of those Ah ha moments and this is what I started doing. I would put what I thought would be inspiring posts up (which some of you are aware of)
sharing inspiring positive pictures, quotes etc.

The response from these was phenomenal in my eyes and I thought WOW. What a feeling, the energy that we were all sharing not just because of what I was DOing but everyone involved . What an amazing way to share with others and we all raised our vibrational frequencies together.
Then we heard that there were people that didn't even belong to our group were looking in ( I LOVE TO CALL IT LURKING!! LOL) and feeling the energy too! WOW!!

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