Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I AM OPPTing to be Free !!!

                  I AM OPPTing to be Free !!!

Check out One Peoples Public Trust !!!

If you understand what the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code is

then you will have an idea what this is about !!!

If not have a look inside the documents at peoplestrust1776.org

All documents have been filed and the powers that where were foreclosed on.

These filings have not been rebutted which means they can not and did not

fight in as it would have proved that governments are corporations.

This is telling all humanity worldwide that they are free from the debt
slavery we have endured for over 100 years !!!
I AM OPPTing to be Free!! I AM also OPPTing to start my campaign to spread this like a WILD LOVE FIRE!!!!

Feel free to share this and make it go viral !!



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