Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Breaking news!! OPPTing into Freedom

Breaking news!! OPPTing into Freedom

Let's all step back for a second and take everything into perspective.



We were told that it was up to us to claim back our freedom. The One Peoples Public Trust has done exactly that. The powers that were are gone and all that’s left are the minions. Nobody has let them our the people know we are FREE!!! This is what we incarnated here to do. Check out the metaphor at the bottom!!

Let's take a look at the things that were created to distract us!! (carrots)
How many years have we been hearing, announcements tomorrow, to nite, Wednesday, Friday, Bankers holiday and the list goes on..... It is not going to happen if we wait!! That's what the PTW want us to do!!!

People fighting foreclosure, tickets and everything else that causes us to keep giving our power (energy) to the old to perpetuate it.
Disinfo used to distract: false flags, money Being moved....

If we all drop everything and just Do two things with intensity WE THE PEOPLE WILL CO-CREATE OR NEW REALITY IN NO TIME FLAT.
  1. Share the OPPT information any and every way we can!!!
  2. Raise the vibrational frequencies of the collective consciousness in any way we can by meditating, sharing the unconditional LOVE. On the 27 during the show with Lisa, Santos , Heather, Chris etc. They had a whopping 101,600 BEings listening.
    My suggestion is to DO more of these shows NOW with these amazing BEings that draw BEings in and while they are there we can get them DOing!!! What I suggest in the DOing is do a guided online meditation show or segment of the show!! Now we know that it only takes the square root of 1% of the population to create a change. It has been said that 122,00 would be the number to shoot for but because of the time zones and what not it would be optimal to shoot for 144,000. They almost had that many BEings listening the other night!! Let's get the momentum going and finish of the crumbling house of cards. I KNOW IF WE DO THIS WE WILL KNOCK THIER SOCKS OFF!!! I LOVE YOU !!! WE HAVE TO LET EVERYTHING ELSE GO AND JUST DO THESE 2 SIMPLE LITTLE THINGS!!!

!!!!! WTF !!!!!

Metaphor of Now

I borrowed this from D. @ Removing The Shackles

I was pondering it all (it being OPPT) and was shown a metaphor I thought I’d share with you that kinda explained to me the variety of reactions to news that so many of us Lightworkers/starseeds/indigos etc have wanted for so long…and yet here it seems to be, so much more amazing than I ever dared imagine it could be…and yet some peeps are expressing doubt and anger and frustration and disbelief and fear…??!! What the…?!!!
Anyways here’s the metaphor:
I saw a movie once where these prisoners were held in a concentration camp during WW2, and made to do all these things against their will, moral code etc. Then the Germans flee the camp (the Russians were coming) and the prisoners were left there alone. No-one ‘announces’ to them they are ‘now free’…they gradually have to figure it out for themselves. But it takes a couple of prisoners to risk being ‘shot’…dying… – by stepping outside of the barracks they have been confined in. When they do, they learn that their guards and captors have all gone. Then they tell all the other prisoners. Some laugh hysterically. Some cry with happiness. Some take a LOT of convincing. Some refuse to believe. Some choose to lay down and die. Some become angry. They don’t know quite what to do with themselves …they have longed for FREEDOM for so long and now it is here. But they have also had someone telling them what to do for so long…suddenly they have to think and feel for themselves again now and in essence, gain back their own sovereignty …they can just BE again.
Thought it was kinda apt here and now!


  1. Pete this is what we are here for I do believe... and more. We can start here and many of us are doing just that. Being able to listen to the shows is a luxury for me but I read as much as I can get my hands on. This too shall pass. I thank you for being the Doer you are and for shining your light of love on all you touch! Much love Yvonne Phillips

  2. Thank you so much Yvonne!! You are also "SHINING YOU LIGHT" very brightly! Love you!!
    ~~ Pete ~~