Friday, 11 January 2013

Truth Masquerading as Fiction?

CGI's Archimedes: ABC's TV Show Last Resort:: Truth Masquerading as Fiction?
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Date: Friday, 11-Jan-2013 00:46:49

If you're awake at this point, you've probably realized that TPTB/TPTW have this thing about leaving clues about what they're going to do in Mass Media programs such as movies and television shows. These clues are often not interpretable until after the event, but looking back in hindsight they were clearly there. A prime example would be the pilot episode of the X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen that premiered in March of 2001, where the show's heroes avert a catastrophe where terrorists pilot an airliner into the World Trade Center.
ABC is currently running a series called Last Resort. The premise of the show is an American nuclear sub is given orders to pick up a Navy SEAL team off the coast of Pakistan, after picking the SEAL team, the captain of the sub receives a back-channel order to launch a nuclear missile at Pakistan. The captain, suspicious of the back-channel network that the order came in on calls in to confirm the order through a proper channel, at which point the US Naval surface forces attack the sub and try to sink it. The US nukes Pakistan anyway and the captain retreats to a tropical island where a cloak and dagger war ensues with the Captain trying to find out what is going on in the corrupt US administration and trying to figure out how to return home honorably while the corrupt US government tries to kill the renegade sub captain through any means necessary.
Later in the series we learn that the SEAL team that the sub picked up had been on a mission inside Pakistan. Their secret mission was to kill the UN Nuclear Weapons inspector in Pakistan and plant nuclear materials as an impetus for America to go to war with Pakistan.
In this week's episode we learn something very interesting. A coup is being plotted by players we currently view as "good guys". It seems the President of the United States issued an Executive Order authorizing and ordering that SEAL team's false flag mission. The coup's plan to be acted out with the help of US Military forces, is to blockade Washington D.C., arrest the President and the Vice President, and have the Speaker of the House make a public statement detailing the crimes of the POTUS and VPOTUS, and announcing that he, as third in the line of Presidential succession, will be assuming the Office of President.
I find this ESPECIALLY interesting given the bombshell dropped by Heather Tucci-Jarraf of The One People's Public Trust claiming that President Obama and Vice President Biden have already been relieved of their duties, and that Speaker Boehner has been installed as the interim President and placed on a VERY short leash. The People's Trust is purportedly allowing the facade of an Obama presidency to continue for a little while longer until they feel we are ready for a public announcement to that affect.
Couple that with the recent story that a whistleblower is claiming that Obama arranged the Benghazi attack for the purposes of having the insurgents kidnap Ambassador Stevens so a later prisoner exchange could be worked out to return high ranking Muslim terrorists currently being held by the US. The plan was disrupted by US forces in the area which weren't privy to the orders and tried to intervene to rescue the Ambassador. The insurgents thinking they had been double-crossed got their revenge by killing Ambassador Stevens.
If the whistleblower story is true, it is certainly something that Obama could be arrested for, or be impetus for a coup by the Patriotic folks in Government and the Military.
Could Last Resort be trying to prepare us for the deposal of a sitting President and his replacement with the Speaker of the House, as Ms. Tucci-Jarraf claims has already happened? The parallels are most certainly there.
I'm hoping the possibility is a very good one! It's long past time that the crimes of our government are brought into the light and justice served against those that perpetrated them.

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